2018 Open Club Positions

2018 Open Club Positions

by | Feb 16, 2018


Thank you to all the members who offered to help with this role! We have received lots of great feedback on this position and it has been filled.


Do you ever wonder how the current, cool, overhauled website gets maintained? The club is looking for a dedicated person to assist our webmaster with operation of the club website maintenance and content updates. Our website runs on the WordPress CMS and is hosted in the cloud on AWS.  We would like to have two people to keep on top of the website content and appearance. Our goal is to make the club website the center of the universe in that it will be repository of club history, track and tour information, Zündfolge repository, and most importantly the face of the Puget Sound Chapter BMW CCA. Other technical work would include security and documentation tasks as well as troubleshooting and testing work. As we have mentioned before, we want to use our Around-the-Sound emails as a primary method to get information to members with the emails pointing back to the website. The assistant will work with Evan Kohout to manage the functional operation and maintenance of the website. Content will be provided by board members, event coordinators and club members.  The translation of this is that the assistant may be asked to help the content creators with editing tasks and to make sure the final product will be appropriate and look well-formed on the website. It is important that interested individuals are technically proficient and familiar with both WordPress and AWS/Azure.

The time commitment per month is small, perhaps 6-8 hours at most. But the importance of this position is great because proper maintenance of the website is vital to the communication with members to announce upcoming events and serve as a source of BMW information.

If you think this small commitment to your BMWCCA club is something that would fit into your work/life schedule, please let me know. Our club functions with the generous donation of volunteer effort. We need you!

Interested? Inquire below!