The Puget Sound Region Chapter of the BMW CCA provides many benefits to their 2400+ members.

BMW rebates

Key Member Benefits include


Zündfolge is our quarterly Club magazine. As our main means of communication with our members, it is the Club’s lifeblood. It is also our best recruiting tool for new members and advertisers. For these reasons, we have always devoted a lot of time and Club funds to creating a quality publication. For almost 30 years, Zündfolge has been a labor of love for a group of talented Club members. We pride ourselves on quality information and presentation. Most of the articles and photographs are the creation of talented Club members. We also rely on official BMW press information.

Regular Zündfolge features include a Kalendar of events, promotion of future Club events, coverage of past events, technical information, the scoop on future BMW products and classified ads for our members. We try to provide, in one place, all the information about BMWs, worldwide, nationally and locally, a Club member would want to know.

Zündfolge is published 4 times a year. It is mailed to all Club members, prospective Club members, advertisers, other BMW chapters around the U. S. and all BMW CCA national Board members and tips reps.

Concours d’Elegance

The Concours committee is responsible for producing the Club’s annual car show or Concours d’Elegance which traditionally takes place in late July each year. BMW Seattle has been our event sponsor for many years, with additional support from Griot’s Garage as our official Car Care sponsor.

The Concours is held at Cedar River Park in Renton as part of the Renton River Days community celebrations. It is considered by most measures to be the biggest single Club event of the year. Cars are entered in two categories; “Judged” and “Display Only” for owners who wish to display their BMW, but not participate in the judged competition. Trophies are awarded in the judged category for first, second and third place. There are also trophies for best of show, entrants’ choice and people’s choice. The people’s choice trophy is open to all cars both judged and display only. The trophies are high quality cut glass items that have proven to be very coveted by our participants.

The focus of the event has been highly inclusive. The committee has encouraged all members who wish to show off their prized BMW to do so. We have made it clear that the car need not be a “trailer queen” and indeed we have had many nicely maintained daily drivers “on the grass.” As a result of this focus, and a regional participation, the event has grown steadily and now sees well over 100 BMWs entered spanning 7 decades! For additional information about the Concours d’Elegance please contact the event chair.

Track Events

Other than the Concours our biggest events of the year are the club driving schools. Experienced Club instructors help students become more familiar with the potential of their BMWs. The schools are designed, not as race driver training, but as an avenue to learn how to become better, safer drivers; to learn in a safe and controlled environment the limits of ones car and their driving abilities. We take great pride in creating a program that is valuable to all levels and types of drivers. From those that are interested in just learning more advanced driving skills; to newly licensed young drivers that want to be better, aware drivers; to our members who’s goals are to join the Club’s Lapping Days where they can take their skills to the next level. In addition we also offer avenues for those who are truly hooked and eventually want to go racing, through our Club’s affiliation with the local Northwest-racing league, International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC).


Tours typically consist of challenging roads, beautiful scenery and lots of varied BMW cars and club members. A previous year’s tour featured a trip in the spring to a roadside restaurant in Southwestern Washington and a fall two-day trip to Eastern Washington with five other BMW clubs. The Mary McCrank’s tour had over 40 cars involved in a half-day event. Beautiful scenery in the rural farmlands of Southwestern Washington was featured as well as a home style meal at Mary’s. Driving in the middle of the pack was impressive as you could see BMWs in front and behind as far as the eye could see.

General Activities

Activities for members are presented throughout the year. These activities are varied and range from wine tastings to tech sessions to karting events and whatever else our imaginations can come up with! While some activities require an entry fee, most activities are planned to require no entry fee so everyone can enjoy the fun.

SOVREN Car Corral

The biggest car weekend of the year in the Northwest is the vintage races held the July 4th weekend at SIR. Activities include a car corral for all of the local car clubs to exhibit their cars and promote their clubs. Our Club always has a strong showing and we attempt to display both old and new cars. All of the entry fees are donated to a local charity.

Access to BMW CCA National Club Benefits

Additional benefits provided by BMW CCA include: vehicle rebates up to $1500.00, discounts at national resellers like Brooks Brothers, access to technical service advisers, free classifieds on the national website and in the Roundel, and more. Visit the national club membership benefits page for additional details.