The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are independent groups run by individuals not necessarily associated with the BMW CCA Puget Sound Region. They are neither regulated nor funded by the Club, with the possible exception of specific co-sponsored events. However, the Club Board of Directors does feel that they are an important resource for Club members in the area, so we have chosen to promote them for the benefit of our members. We welcome new SIGs to the list. Please contact Lance Richert to add a SIG to this list.

There is a more detailed explanation on our
SIG Policy Page

Lance Richert
SIG Coordinator


  • E3: 68-77 2500/2800/3.0s/3.0si/Bavaria, 
    Gus Blazek,


  • E9: 1968-1975, 2800cs, 3.0cs/csi/csl, 2.5cs,
    Ken Olsen,
    425 890 9415


  • E10: 2002 ’68-’76,
    Stuart Kastner,
    (206) 300-3207


  • E24: ’76-’89 6 Series,
    Steve Melrose, 425.641.5613
    Paul Melrose


  • E30: 84-91 3-series,
    Lance Richert,


  • E31: 93-97 8 Series, 
    Janis Hauser,


  • E36: 92-99 3-series,
    Karl Freese,,


  •  Z3/Z4 Coupes ’99,
    Geoff Griswold, David Ward,,
    David Ward


  • Diesel SIG 
    Rob Barnett,


  • Racing SIG (PRO-3, etc)
    Wes Hill,


Last updated November 7, 2016