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E9 SIG Now Adding E3s

BMW E9s on Tour
E9s on tour

The E9 Special Interest Group, the classic BMW coupes from 1968-1975 have decided to add the E3s, the big four-door cars of the same era. The models are typically thought of as Bavarias in the U.S. but include the 2500, 2800, 3.0S/Si, 3.3Si, 3.0L and 3.3L/Li.

This is a great group. They do several group drives when the weather permits and also they are a wealth of restoration and maintenance information.

If you would like to join the group, contact Ken Olsen at There is no cost to this relatively informal email list, so you really should join if you have one of these cars.

Forum Pages Closed

Dear BMW Puget Sound Chapter members,
Unfortunately, after many years, we have shut down our forum pages.
The rest of the website here will continue to function as before.
The club has operated those forum pages to facilitate questions and discussions, classified ads, and other forms of communication. However, in the last few years, usage of the forum pages has decreased significantly, and it has now become impractical for club management to continue operating these pages.
There are numerous other forum pages that serve BMW members much better, including, etc. Those websites - many of which include regional sections specifically for Pacific Northwest users -  have far greater traffic of visitors than ours, and posting questions, issues, or classifieds there would be far more effective.
In addition, some of the regulars on the forum pages have set up a Reddit page at, in case there is a need to get in touch with them.
We understand that for some users, this is disappointing news, as they have used the forum pages as a means of getting really good information about BMWs and other matters. However, we feel confident that their needs would be better served by the other systems mentioned above.
We are actively working to update our website at, making it  more modernized and mobile-device friendly. We look forward to rolling that out in the coming months. And of course, we have our facebook page at
Please free free to reach out to me for questions or concerns, via the website’s contact form at (Select “Webmaster” as the person to contact.)
Thank you very much!