Letter from the President, October 2012

2020 Vision and Club changes

Did you know our club has been around for forty-two years! That’s longer than I’ve been alive. We have had great success as a club and want to continue to be the place to go in the Puget Sound area for all things BMW. Remember the 2020 Vision project? We haven’t forgotten. Our Board has been actively working to implement pieces of the project in order to continue our success and to stay relevant as the economy, technology and our community change. Change is here and we want you to have a club that serves you. We have a comprehensive plan to improve our club communications, raise awareness about BMW CCA Puget Sound Region, increase membership, support and encourage your engagement with our community and stay on a financially responsible path.

The Zündfolge is one of the best local club magazines in the country. We want to continue to provide an excellent magazine but in this day and age, we realize that many of you need more frequent, social and electronic communications. In 2013, the board is considering reducing the number of magazines to one per quarter in the fall and winter and monthly editions in the summer. In 2014, we would look at publishing one per quarter. This would give us more time, energy and funds to put on events and provide more access to information through our website, social media and electronic communication.
We put together a great website last year, and want to continue to develop that to make it the hub for information about our club. We want to improve our blog and have more of your photos and stories featured on our website. We want non-members to have a glimpse into the benefits and fun of joining the BMW CCA Puget Sound Region so they will join. The more the merrier!

We need to be relevant in today’s fast-paced and instant feedback world. Look for more social media to be coming soon on our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels. Newsletters will be hitting your email inboxes one to three times per month to keep you posted on all the latest BMW CCA news and events happening both locally and nationwide. With new media options you will be up-to-date all of the time.

From our annual Concours d’Elegance to our track days, to tech days to our low-key social events, BMW CCA Puget Sound Region members love getting together to share our passion for our cars and to make new friends. We want to be able to continue to put on great events and also do some new and different events that you haven’t seen before. We want you to be able to share your experience as a club member through our new media channels. The more you are engaged, the better it will be for everyone and the more we can grow.

In addition, to all this we want to continue our great relationships with local dealers and vendors to provide you with special discounts and services. As a volunteer board, we are always looking for more help, so need to build and develop our volunteer core. Volunteers make this club what it is and it’s a great opportunity to develop skills and build your resume in a non-work and fun environment. If you have a special talent or passion you’d like to share, we would love to hear about it, and to help support you in sharing with other club members through our blog, at a new event, or through the magazine.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts and ideas. Over the next few months we will be actively looking for your feedback through Zündfolge, our website and newsletters.

Michelle Miller