View from the Driver’s Seat (this President isn’t in a Corner)

As we all settle into 2013 I’d like to take this opportunity to reflect on an aspect of this Puget Sound Region Chapter that make our efforts like this magazine, car shows, and track and technical education events possible. These things would not be possible without the countless hours of your board and dedicated volunteers all with a common thread, the enthusiasm for the BMW brand. As with anything there are changes, some small and others with gaps which cause greater leaps. None of this would be possible without the community you are part of and with efforts that are frequently transparent and make this Club great.

On behalf of the board I’d like to thank Michelle Miller (and of course her husband Chris) for her leadership and dedication to the Puget Sound Region Chapter. She’s held several positions on the board including, Concours d’Elegance Chair and most recently your president (2011–2012). She’s not just stopping there; she’s your 2013 treasurer. This, to me, is a testament to the enjoyment one can have by participating in the Club. I know from my own experience, some of my closest friends have come from meeting them at Club events. Not without mentioning, thank you for your continued support in being an active member and giving us the opportunity to have one of the top BMW chapters in the U.S.

As we look ahead in 2013, the national office is planning the Annual Oktoberfest on the West Coast in beautiful sunny Monterey, California, August 19–24. I’m hoping many of you will take advantage of this occasion to plan a road trip and several stops along the way. This event isn’t often on this side of the continent. Fret not; if you’re looking for local activities, there are many of those planned, too. Just look at how many events we have in this issue. In closing, THANK YOU for another wonderful year, and I’m looking forward to the honor of sitting in the driver’s seat for the next year with your support and that of the 2013 Board of Directors.

de-Anna Martin, President