You can now Opt-In to get your Zündfolge online! Here’s how:

If you like receiving the notification that the Zündfolge is available online, you can Opt-In on the national website to receive it electronically.

Here’s how to Opt-In for electronic distribution of your Chapter Newsletter:

Step by step directions managed by the BMW CCA National office

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login (top right corner blue button)
  3. Type your username and password and select Login (below your password)
  4. Select Manage Account from the top bar of your browser
  5. Select Email Preferences & Demographics (left menu bar)
  6. Review your preference for Receipt of Chapter Newsletter via E-Mail, or US Mail (print copy)
  7. Scroll down and select Update to save you preferences – this is not saved unless you select Update.

For your visual convenience, step-by-step screenshot instructions are available, click here to view them.