View from the Driver’s Seat – Letter from the President

President’s Letter Wow, can you believe the year is already half over? That is only the calendar but not our events. We’ve had a few track days, driving tours, and a social car show in Issaquah. We still have much more planned for the rest of the year. We want you to get your car out of the garage and come join us. At the past and coming events, Board members will be canvassing for information on the direction of our publications and how effectively we are communicating.  We would like your feedback on the electronic notification methods such as the Club website, ATS and Facebook. This information will assist the Board in making decisions that affects how we communicate with our members. We would greatly appreciate you taking a few minutes and provide feedback to the board. I know not everyone will have the opportunity to make an event. However, the benefits of your BMW CCA membership include discounts from our advertisers and local car-related businesses, opportunity for a rebate on a purchase of a new or CPO car, and the Roundel may be enough for some.  If you have some suggestions on what else we can be doing as a Board to serve the membership, please let us know. The times are changing in the print versus electronic world. Many of you have requested to receive the Chapter magazine electronically. Each month, more members are opting to log on to the site and select the electronic version of your chapter newsletter in your account settings. As of last month, ten percent of our members are now requesting electronic rather than USPS delivery of the Zündfolge. We also notice an increase in the number of people responding to the Around The Sound sent via email for notification of upcoming events. I would like to emphasize again that if you have a preference, let us know by logging on to and checking the box for electronic distribution in your account settings. And talk to Board members at the events you are attending to give feedback on how we as your Board are doing. I hope you all had a chance to fill out the survey that was emailed from the BMW CCA National office in May and June. The results will be posted on the Club website. In closing, it is a joy to be part of this fabulous organization. Thanks should be given to all the volunteers and Board members that work to make sure our membership is being well served. Do not hesitate to send comments, suggestions, complaints, or complements to From the driver seat, de-Anna Martin, President