2014 Club Elections

Club Elections

It’s that time of year when we start working on the Club elections for the 2014 Board of Directors. The Club is soliciting members to serve on the Board of Directors for the 2014 calendar year. The elected positions include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, Concours Coordinator, and Tour Coordinator. To be eligible for President you must have been on the Board for the immediately preceding two years. To be Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, you must have been on the Board for the immediately preceding year. The other positions are open to those who have been Club members in good standing for at least one year.

The four officer positions, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, have a two-year term limit. The non-officer positions (everything else) have no term limit.

If you would like to be involved in the administration of the Club, we always welcome volunteers. But this isn’t simply a matter of coming to a Board meeting once a month and voicing your opinion. The Club has no paid Board of Directors. That means everything that happens in this Club, via Board positions happens through the efforts of volunteers. In other words, Board positions mean a commitment to work! That’s not to say that involvement in Club administration isn’t fun, it is. Most Board members find their work on the Board and with the other Board members to be enjoyable and rewarding.

Here are the duties of the various elected Board positions:

  • President—Responsible for the overall operation of the Club. Leads Board meetings and makes sure all the other Board members are doing their jobs.
  • Vice President—Fills in when the President is unavailable and other duties as assigned by the board.
  • Secretary—Records the minutes of Board meetings.
  • Treasurer—Responsible for the financial affairs of the Club including preparing financial statements, reports to National and the annual tax return.
  • Membership Coordinator—Handles mailings to new members and the recruitment of new members.
  • Concours Coordinator—Responsible for all aspects of the Club’s annual Concours d’Elegance in July.
  • Tour Coordinator—Organizes or facilitates Club driving tours.

Other appointed board positions are:

  • Tech Event Coordinator—Organizes or facilitates Club technical events. These are usually hosted by a business.
  • Special Events Coordinator—The Board liaison with the various Special Interest Groups.
  • Editor in Chief – Responsible for creation of communications to the membership at large. This includes the publication of the Zündfolge.
  • New Media Coordinator – Responsible for the social media communications with the membership at large. This includes the website, Facebook and twitter.
  • Track—Manages all aspects of the Club’s high-speed track driving program. Track also has two committee members on the Board.

Besides Board positions, there are other ways to get involved. One way is to attend Board meetings as a general member. Another way is to get involved with one of the committees that the Club has. These include the track driving events committee, tech committee, the Zündfolge staff and the Concours d’Elegance committee. There is also the opportunity to chair an event such as a general meeting, tour, rally or tech session. Getting involved in one of these committees or chairing an event is probably the best way to find out whether you might enjoy a Board position in the future.

For those that would like to run for one of the elected Board positions for 2014, please contact one or all of the committee members (contact information below) or send your expression of interest to the Club post office box. We can tell you more about the duties of each position are and what to expect in the way of a time commitment. The deadline is October 1st. If there are any contested positions, there will be a ballot and candidacy statements in the November/December Zündfolge.

Board terms are for the calendar year. Election results will be announced in the January/February Zündfolge.

Email elections@bmwpugetsound.com  to nominate club members for positions or if you are interested in helping out in other ways.

Your election committee is: Steve Libby, Michelle Miller, Kathleen Gillette and de-Anna Martin.