Motorsport Column

Mini on rainy trackIt is time to start thinking about going to the track and have some fun!

Spring is in the air and the tracks are drying off. It is time for you to start thinking about getting the car and yourself ready for the driving season. Have you been aching to check out your car’s performance and still keep your driver’s license? Are you in bad need of a “track fix?” Are you daydreaming about taking that freeway on-ramp with no other cars on the road except you? Are you dreaming of going to the track to drive but think you need “the right car” rather than your daily driver? Are you still thinking about how long it will be to the next track day?

Well, dream no more! Make your plans this year for the track days sponsored by Puget Sound BMW CCA. Put the track days on your calendar and plan for some seat time. Come out to our first of the year High Performance Driving School event or take the Car Control Clinic on May 16, 2014. Enjoy using your car like it’s meant to be driven with some of the Northwest’s highest caliber driving instructors at your side. We will have four track days at Pacific Raceways and one at The Ridge Motorsport Park at Shelton. Start getting your car ready! It is not too early.


The dates for the 2014 Track Season are:

Pacific Raceway, HPDE and CCC

May 16,

June 20,

July 18, 

August 8,

The cost for the CCC  is $125, and $225 for the HPDE at Pacific Raceway

The Ridge HPDE

Sept 13

The price is $250 for the HPDE at The Ridge.


Remember, you must register through to participate in the driving events. Also, you will need to get your car inspected and have the inspection form completed. See the link on the BMW Puget Sound website to find the inspection forms: .

Come to our Car Control Clinics and High Performance Driving Events and learn to be a great driver. Learn from our outstanding instructor corps, take the time to really understand your car, and become a great driver! If you have questions about the track program, please do not hesitate to contact me:

See you on the track!

Steve Libby, Vice President