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The_Ridge_GPS_Track_Map_300pxWCome to the Ridge Motorsport Park September 13th!

Can you believe the weather we have had at the last two Pacific Raceways track days and CCC events? If you do not know what I am taking about then you definitely must take advantage of last track event of the year at The Ridge Motorsport Park in Shelton, WA. By the time you read this article, we will have had the August 8th track event at Pacific Raceways. So far this year, we have had great attendance for both the High Performance Driving Education (driving on the track) and the Car Control Clinic held on the paddock of Pacific Raceways.

Unfortunately, the configuration of the paddock at The Ridge is not suitable to have a Car Control Clinic. So, only the HDPE will be available for Saturday, September 13th. The price is $250 for a whole day of a new race-track. Check out the many videos on the internet for an in-car view of the course. You will definitely get a chance to test your car’s performance on this track.

The track is 40 feet wide with many interesting corners, elevation changes, and several places to stretch your car out. Trust me, our instructors love both instructing and driving on this course. Because the event is on a Saturday, consider driving down on Friday night and staying at a hotel near the track. Yes, it is a bit of a ways to Shelton from Seattle, but I can guarantee the drive is more than worth it!

For those who have driven the Ridge, you know what I am talking about. For those how have not, time to saddle up and get over there! Make your plans now to attend the September 13th track event at the Ridge Motorsport Park, Shelton WA. Remember, all registration for this event is done through Make sure you get your car inspected before this event by completing the forms found at

See you at the Ridge!!

Steve Libby,Vice President,Instructor

Rich Gulstrom,Driving Events Coordinator