BMW Club night at the drags

BMW_CCA_Puget_Sound Region_Night_at_the_Drags_300pxWAfter a rescheduling due to rain, we moved the drag night to August 20th. The weather was about perfect for us, not too hot, no rain and great traction. It was fun to see how fast the new turbo BMWs are. The M235 is practically a 12 second car right off the show room floor! My E36 M3 was the only manual transmission car in the group; seems weird but that is how most new cars are purchased these days. Obviously, it is much easier to run an automatic but we sure had fun working out how to launch the car and time the lights. By the end of the night, we were leaving on the last yellow light at about 4800 RPM with a bit of wheel spin and scratching second and third gear. The car would just get into fourth before the lights at the end running a best of 13:65 at@ 102 mph. Consider that the first pass with a soft launch and shifting a bit short of 7000 RPM was a 14:40 @ 99 mph, that’s a nice improvement.

In the end, club member Doug Mill proved that there is no substitute for cubic inches and drag slicks. Doug’s stroker small block ’57 Chev ran an 11:41 @ 117 mph besting all the BMWs. The ’57 would leave the starting line all pushed out of shape and hard to steer with the front wheels just barely touching the pavement. It was a blast to watch this thing tear it up.
The times listed are what I could capture from watching runs or getting time slips from attendees. I posted the best run when possible. I did include a few runs from some club member that ran their cars on the Friday night drags just after our event who couldn’t make it on Wednesday.

(note that more photos can be found on the club Facebook page)

Jeff Butler, Tech Event Coordinator