Letter from the President

SLibbyphoto_Ridge300px400pxI would like to introduce myself as your new president for 2015-2016. I am Steve Libby, a mild mannered microbiologist at the University of Washington by day and an instructor-coach when there is a track day. For those who may have seen the speedy 318is “TRAKCAR” or gotten an exhilarating ride, you may know me already.

I moved here from North Carolina in 2003 after having been on the faculty of North Carolina State University. While in North Carolina, I learned how to drive on a racetrack at Virginia International Raceways. It is a fantastic racetrack, one that you all should drive if you get a chance. It was after my very first track day that I decided that my ultimate goal was to become an instructor, one that was eventually realized. I have been involved in the operation of the chapter and serve as both a contributor and editor for the Zündfolge. I will continue to write the Motorsport Column and cover various events. Another member and I have a friendly competition to see who can have the most Zündfolge cover shots!

We will be relying very heavily on getting current information to all members by using the ATS, Around the Sound, an electronic notification system. It is important that you make sure that BMW CCA National has your correct email address, as this is what we use to distribute information via ATS. Some members have told us that their ATS messages wind up in the spam folder. Check your email setting for ATS notification. In the coming years, we will be changing the format and content of the Zündfolge. Our plan is to use the ATS as the primary mechanism to announce events and provide BMW-related articles. 2016 is an important year, as it will mark the 100th year of BMW operation as a company. We will be planning special events during 2016 to celebrate the BMW marque centennial.

The future strength of the Puget Sound Chapter depends on member participation at all levels, not only track days, but taking advantage of the events advertised in the ATS.

We value constructive input from all members. If you have suggestions on how to make the Club better, please let me know. Better yet, participate in the process. Come to a board meeting and meet the members who devote their time to keep the Chapter going. Remember, the board is comprised of a group of volunteers, all with full-time jobs. The events that you see advertised in the Zündfolge and ATS are the result of a board member taking the time to organize and facilitate the event. So, check your ATS messages and the Zündfolge for coming events!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2015!

Steve Libby

2015 President and Instructor