Presidents Column

Libby_PrezColumn350pxWI would like to ask for your participation. Counting associate members, there are over 2,400 members in the Puget Sound Chapter of the BMW Car Club of America. On average, we have noticed that around 500 member participate in some Club activity, be it tours, tech sessions, coffee with the President, car shows like The Gathering, and the drivers’ education program. This is a fairly respectable number, but we always are striving for more member participation.

This year, we are working to increase the number of events available. I would encourage you to visit the website often and check on the calendar for events.

We will be using the ATS-Around-The-Sound electronic notification system as the primary means to get important information to you as a club member. The printed Zündfolge will be transitioning to a more timeless publication, one that will contain articles about BMW and related topics. The Club website and ATS will be your source of current information.

As the incoming President, I will be scheduling Coffee with the President. The purpose of these Saturday morning meetings will be to hear what you as a Club member want or just come out and talk about BMWs! The location of the meeting will be chosen demographically to ensure that the entire Puget Sound membership will have an opportunity to meet.

So, it is time to think about driving! If you are track person, start thinking about getting the car ready and get yourself ready. Read some of the on-line and printed material about elements of driving, car control and car preparation. We have a number of car collections to view that will provide insight into BMW history. Check the website for the first Tour led by your Vice President, Ed Walker.

Finally, contact me with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Your board members are here to serve the membership of the Puget Sound BMW CCA.

Drive safely and see you on the road!

Steve Libby, President, Instructor