A Visit to the Gleeson Collection

Without kidney grills, it is hard to recognize this Autenreith 502 as a BMW.

On February 21st the chapter visited Peter Gleeson’s spectacular car collection. While not exclusively BMW, it is mostly BMWs and has become one of the best BMW collections in the world. Peter is always buying and selling, so every time we visit there are new cars to see. One recent addition was a Z4 that raced successfully in Japan for several years. Another was a very rare Autenrieth-bodied 502 from the mid-1950s. Peter has also added the only E30 M3 Evo convertible the factory ever built. It’s not often that BMW builds a one-off. Another new BMW was the racing 635 campaigned in Australia by Jim Richards and looking handsome in John Player Special black and gold livery.

Thank you, Peter, for sharing your incredible cars and enthusiasm with the 130 or so members and guest in attendance.

–David Lightfoot

All photos by Christian Bouchez

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