2015 Deutsch Marque Recap

Deutsch-Marque Show und Shine at Cedar River Park3-Series_600px300

We tried something that has not been attempted in recent history; a joint car show of the four major German auto marques-Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. And, we got 89 cars to show up on the lawn at Cedar River Park on a very overcast day, with rain looming but never materializing, and it was beautiful.

Lance Richert coined the term “Deutsch Marque” to name the first of many shows at this location which will coincide with Renton River Days. The number of BMWs only slightly edged out the number of Mercedes, followed by Porsche, and then Audi. I must say that the coolest cars where found in the Mercedes tribe. Some of the cars from the ‘60s are just beautiful. Several big, sedan, autobahn cruisers with 6.9-liter engines were proudly displayed. There was a shiny 550 Porsche, extremely rare, to admire. The owner stated that the car was in boxes when he got it a long time ago. Of course, the collection of BMWs was great.

The Audi club had a small but impressive showing, with a nice old Quattro on display with over 250 thousand miles!

Lance raffled off some nice, donated items from Accutint of Bellevue, Haury’s Lake City Collision, 425 Motorsports and Griot’s Garage. The Renton Lions Club provided parking assistance and helped set up the event. The Mercedes Club were even multi-tasking, and held a board meeting at the show!

We plan on having the event each year as a means to gather the four clubs together. We hope that next year we will have even more cars from the clubs. Everyone seemed to think that this event was a really cool idea and will plan on coming next year.

We would like to thank Accutint of Bellevue, Haury’s Lake City Collision, 425 Motorsports and Griot’s Garage for their support. And the weatherman for keeping the rains away!

What for the announcement next year for Deutsch-Marque in the Zündfolge and ATS!!

–Steve Libby, President, Instructor


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