BMW Centennial Plans

BMW Centennial Plans


As we’ve mentioned before in Zündfolge, 2016 is BMW’s 100th anniversary. Dates are starting to be published for celebration events to be held in Europe and the U.S. Start blocking out your calendar. If you’re planning on buying a new BMW anytime soon, plan on European delivery in the Centennial year.


BMW Veteranan Club Deutschland Jahrestreffen (Annual Meeting)

This event will run from May 4 through May 8 with sightseeing, a visit to the BMW motorcycle plant and the Classic Remise. The Classic Remise is a display of participating vehicles at the 1936 Olympic grounds. The host hotel is the Seminaris Campus Hotel in Berline-Dahlem.


BMW 02 Club Celebration

The BMW 02 Club in Germany is celebrating 100 years of BMW and 50 years of the 02 with a tour of Bavaria. The event will take place from May 25 to 29. A fun rally is included plus visits to the BMW Museum, BMW Welt and BMW Classic.


BMW Classic 100 Year Celebration

BMW Classic, the official keeper of the flame, will be holding what will probably be the biggest of all Centennial celebrations from September 9 through 11. The Munich Olympic Grounds, adjacent to BMW Welt, have been reserved. All recognized BMW clubs, employees and friends of the marque are invited.

Specific plans will be released in September 2015 but a parade through the Olympic grounds and a drive through Munich will be part of the celebration. A visit to the new BMW Classic Center will also be included. This new home for BMW’s heritage is scheduled to open March 7, 2016. If there is interest, the BMW Vintage & Class Car Club of America will plan a program for a few days before the event to allow North Americans to get acclimated to the time.


Monterey 2016

BMW will be the featured marque at the Monterey Motorsports Reunion at Laguna Seca in 2016. BMW Classic will have a huge presence during the entire Monterey Weekend. Pebble Beach does not have any plans yet related to BMW but that may be changing (we hear). The Monterey races will be August 19 to 21. Legends of the Autobahn will be on August 19th. The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will be on August 21st. It is not too early to make reservations.

The BMW CCA Oktoberfest will be on the Monterey Peninsula and will start the day after the Monterey Weekend ends, August 22nd and will likely run through August 26th.


We’ll publish more specifics as the events get closer.

–David Lightfoot