President’s Letter

Steve Libby, President BMW CCA Puget Sound Region, and Track Instructor
Steve Libby, President BMW CCA Puget Sound Region, and Track Instructor

I hope you had an opportunity to attend the Gathering of the Heritage on Mercer Island and/or the Deutsch Marque at Cedar River Park in Renton. The range and caliber of cars at the Gathering was spectacular. Who would not be in awe of a 1938 328! Sadly, more people did not come out for this event and participate. Yes, the weather was rainy in the morning, but it was nicer mid-day and actually sunny.

Have we become fair-weather car owners? Many people spent countless hours preparing and organizing the Gathering not to mention the generous support from BMW Seattle.

Okay, you all have spoken and we are listening. As a research scientist, experimentation is the way to push ideas forward. Some experiments work while others do not, but we learn from these results and refine the effort for the future. In this regard, we are stepping back and rethinking the structure of our annual car show. I can tell you that a committee has already been formed. Everything is under consideration.

If you have ideas, please provide them to me at the email below. I’d love to hear from you. There are so many unique and special BMWs in the Puget Sound Region, they deserve to be displayed proudly at the club’s signature event!

The Deutsch Marque attracted a total of 89 cars with BMW slightly edging out Porsche. Mercedes was third and Audi fourth. The Mercedes club brought out some amazing older cars! From all accounts, this will be much greater attended event next year. We will hold this at Cedar River Park, Renton next July. The location of next years Gathering/Concours is currently being decided, but this should be a really big event as 2016 is the 100th anniversary of BMW as a company. Your BMW CCA board is committed to making this event memorable.

So, what have we learned? Some changes are good and some are not. We want you to participate in as many events possible. More importantly, we want you to be part of the Gathering/Concours next year. So, watch for the articles in the Zündfolge and ATS about the changes and dates for next years’ big show.

–Steve Libby, President, Instructor