Ninth Annual M Car Day Recap

e30-m3s-low-resThe Ninth Annual M Car saw another large fleet of M Cars descend on Griot’s Garage Flagship Retail Store on September 24th for a morning of M related camaraderie.

Around 160 M Cars were in attendance, with the newer M3s and M4s showing up in larger number compared to last year. They were complemented by the still strong showing of ‘80s vintage E24, E28 and E30 M Cars (M6, M5 and M3). We saw folks from as far away as Portland and Vancouver BC with M Cars in attendance.

BMW Northwest brought a small fleet of interesting M Cars to show off. Most interesting had to be the M4 GTS that was displayed on the plaza level.

Griot’s Garage was our gracious host for the ninth year. This year they welcomed the large group with 25 dozen donuts, gallons of coffee and free refills of every empty Speed Shine bottle that folks could find and bring in. They thought their 40-gallon barrel of Speed Shine would easily take care of the group. They quickly had to start busting out additional one gallon containers from the stock room to keep up with the empty bottles, eventually distributing 65 gallons of Speed Shine. Thanks Griot’s Garage!

We tightened up the schedule compared to previous years and held the popular raffle at Noon, with eight to ten items each donated from Griot’s Garage and BMW Northwest.

Fun Fact: I thought they taped into a special mountain spring of Speed Shine at the base of Mount Rainer. Actually I learned that Griots Garage produce Speed Shine in the R&D and Distribution Center in Indianapolis!

We’ll see you all at the Tenth Annual M Car Day in 2017, date TBD.

Lance Richert

Chair, M Car Day

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