President’s Column


By the time you all read this article, my term as President of the Puget Sound Region Chapter of BMW CCA will be over. It doesn’t seem that two years have passed since I took over as President and Ed Walker as Vice President. Some of you may also know Ed as the Driving Tours Director.

When I took over leadership of the Chapter, I thought it would be an interesting ride. Indeed it has been, and in so many ways. But what did we actually accomplish these past two years?

For one, we organized a huge BMW centennial celebration at America’s Car Museum, setting a record for the largest event in the history of the Chapter. It was a herculean task to be sure, accomplished only by the support and efforts of the Board of Directors and many volunteers. The ACM location will may well become the new location for all-member car shows. Previous Concours have been judged events, but not everyone wants to spend the time and effort cleaning every surface of their car. They would rather show off their pride and joy and visit with other members who share the same BMW passion. Put August 5, 2017 on your calendar. This time it will be a gathering all BMWs with convertibles as our featured cars. Of course, by popular demand, there will a BMW-Roundel frosted cake!

What you may not see is the work done by the board of directors to keep the chapter functioning day to day. One important Chapter activity is to put on events of all kinds.

The track program, led by Tom Olsson, is a core activity and part of the DNA of the chapter. Tom organizes the instructor corps and pairs them with drivers on track days. This is no small task. With Dana Lantz, our Registrar, the whole operation works quite smoothly. We are also very good at organizing car shows like M Car Day and E30 Picnic run by Lance Richert, Burgers and BMWs by Rick Gulstrom and Deutsch Marque by Steve Questad. Dyno Days is our tech event by Jeff Butler. And our Driving Tours continue to be directed by Ed Walker. As president, I got to be involved in all of these events. And I just loved it!

Zündfolge, the official publication of the Chapter, has now been in press for 40+ years. David Lightfoot has been the driving force and Editor-in-Chief of this publication. I have been a contributor now for about five years. David and I truly enjoy putting the Zündfolge together each issue, not without some long hours and work. But we are always proud of the finished product.

In the future, look to the website and ATS (Around the Sound) emails as the primary communication tool with members. Being able to announce upcoming events between Zündfolge issues is important to increase participation. Electronic communication is replacing print media almost everywhere and we are no exception. However, I will still be involved in Zündfolge, writing my usual columns.

Finally, it has been a pleasure to serve as your President these past two years. I have met many more members these past two years and hope to meet more in the future. Our chapter is very much alive and evolving. But we need your help to keep us moving forward. I am not going away, but will be working on Chapter activities. Our new president will have the keys soon and I will be a very good back seat driver!

Thank you all for your support of the Chapter. Without your continued support, it would cease to exist. Get out there and drive. Sign up for a skills day and see what those BMW engineers have created. And most importantly, get involved in the Chapter. We need you!

See you on the road,