President’s Letter

Ed Walker, incoming BMW Club President, receives the "keys" to the organization from outgoing President Steve Libby.
Ed Walker, incoming BMW Club President, receives the “keys” to the organization from outgoing President Steve Libby.



Hi everyone, I’m Ed Walker, your new president for 2017-2018.

My day job finds me meddling in affordable housing policy for the King County Assessor. I also manage some rental property, but my real passion is all things BMW. I’ve owned too many models to count over the years.

My neighbors now understand that I just have this thing for driving different BMWs that suit my tastes at any given time. I mostly own them one or two at a time so as to not create parking nightmares in the neighborhood. “OH look dear, it’s just Ed out washing his most recent BMW on this nice, freezing day in January.”

Some of you may know me already through our driving tours program. I have a lot of fun leading members around this beautiful region on twisty back roads. Tours have typically been well attended as we discover the best roads to familiar places like the river gorge, the Olympics, and even over into Eastern Washington. I hope to be able to continue leading tours. It’s a great way to meet new folks and enjoy our cars on the roads they were designed to drive. Please join us this year; meeting new folks is an added bonus!

While I consider myself more of a road warrior than a track rat, like my predecessor Steve Libby, I strongly suggest taking advantage of our track program either in the car control clinic or driving school. You will learn so much about yourself and your car. Take advantage of our excellent instructors like Steve and many others dedicated to making you a much better driver than you ever imagined. Please make just one New Year’s resolution: to do at least one car control or track session. (Okay, also do a driving tour!)

For 2017, our chapter will continue to rely more on electronic communications to members. We will improve the platforms we rely upon to get the word out of upcoming events and information. This is simply how most of us communicate and is the most efficient way to use our volunteer resources. We will continue to use Around the Sound (ATS) electronic notifications, so make sure BMW CCA National has your correct email address. Paper is eventually going away, at least at the chapter level.

The bi-monthly publications of our club’s print magazine Zündfolge will also decrease as we increase our online media presence. Stay tuned for more on this from our Editor–in-Chief, David Lightfoot.

In addition to our track program and driving tours, we will continue featuring auto collections and shows throughout the year that our members enthusiastically support. But we are always looking for more types of events that draw our membership together socially and in ways that feature the fun of owning our BMWs. Help us develop new programs and events that we don’t currently offer. Let me or any other board member know what you’re thinking, or come to our monthly board meetings to share your ideas.

The future strength of the Puget Sound Chapter depends on member participation. I can’t overemphasize that fact. We value input from ALL members.

If you have suggestions on how to make the Club better, please let us know and get involved.  We want to hear from you in 2017!

Ed Walker, President and Tour Leader