Did you get your Zündfolge?

Did you get your Zündfolge?

For reasons currently unknown, some of you may not have received your paper copy of the Zündfolge on time or at all. There could be three reasons for this:

  1. You have moved and not updated your address.
  2. You have not renewed your BMW CCA membership. Or,
  3. The printer has made some errors.

We give the printer of the Zündfolge the membership lists provided by BMW CCA. If you got your January copy of the Roundel, then your address is correct. But if you have not received it, then something needs to be corrected. We’d like to fix the problem.

I need to have you let me know if you did not get Quarter 1, 2017 issue. Please email me at:  Slibby57@gmail.com

Thank you,
Steve Libby
Senior Instructor
Driving Events Coordinator