Would You Like to Get More Involved?

It will come as no surprise that our chapter runs as well as it does due to the efforts of a few dedicated volunteers. And while we’ve got a good group, we could use more help, for a variety of reasons. First, more hands make certain that no one does too much and gets burned out.

Second, we’re making some changes, particularly in our transition from print to electronic communication, that require new skills. If you have expertise in creating videos or working on websites, we’d like your help. And finally, it is always good to get fresh ideas via the input of new people getting involved.

We think you will find your involvement in the chapter is rewarding. It is a good group of people on the Board and that makes all the difference.

To get involved or to see what it might entail, come to a Board meeting; they are open to all members. Or talk to any Board member at an event. We can tell you the expectations and the amount of time it takes.