Speed Secrets for HPDE Participants

Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets Online Course, https://learn.speedsecrets.com

HPDE Participants! Here is your chance to learn from the best!

Welcome to Puget Sound BMW CCA and our HPDE driving school at Pacific Raceways. I’m Steve Libby Driving Events Coordinator, and your classroom instructor during the driving school.

Our first event of the year will be on May 12, 2017! For those of you are participating in your very first HPDE event, we are strongly encouraging you to take this on-line course. We want to make your first performance driving school experience exceptional! We will take good care of you, you will have a great time, and you will learn a lot! 

We want your first performance driving school to be a fantastic experience, so your Puget Sound BMW CCA has arranged for a lifetime subscription to the Speed Secrets PERFORMANCE DRIVING 101 eCourse, a $79 value – at 50% of its normal cost. So for just $39.50, you can prepare to make the most of your track driving experience. Once you complete the eCourse, show us a copy of your completion certificate and Puget Sound BMW CCA will reimburse you $25 towards your first HPDE event.

This easy and fun online learning tool features Ross Bentley, America’s premier performance driving coach. Ross de-mystifies the fundamental principles of performance driving with graphics, video, and easy to understand language. You will learn at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home or office. And because fundamentals never go out of style, you will be able to refer back to the course content throughout your performance driving career. 

It is easy to redeem your eCourse discount and begin using it:

  • Go to https://learn.speedsecrets.com. Read the introductory material, watch the video, get excited(!), then click on the red GET PERFORMANCE DRIVING 101
  • In the Coupon Codebox enter “bmwccaps-vip” (without the quotation marks) and click the Apply Coupon 
  • Enter your information in the Billing Detailssection to complete the purchase and create your account. Click the green Place Order button, and get ready to learn to be an even better driver.

It can take a couple of hours to go through all of the course content (at least it should – don’t rush it, as we want you to be as prepared as possible when you get to the track). You can finish it in one sitting, or spread your learning out over several days (recommended). Once you have completed the course we ask that you email your graduation certificate to slibby57@gmail.com and bring a printed copy with you to the track. Please complete the eCourse before arriving at the event. Our classroom sessions at the event will assume you are familiar with the course material. 

This offer is for D-drivers who are driving with Puget Sound BMW CCA for the first time. All you other veterans will have to pay the full price. But it is money well spent. We all can learn something!

I look forward to hearing from you between now and the event with any comments or questions you may have. New drivers, we will make sure you get a notice for this eCourse.

See you at the track! 

Steve Libby
Driving Event Coordinator
Senior Instructor