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The Zündfolge is our bi-monthly club newsletter/magazine. As our main means of communication with our members, it is the Club’s lifeblood. It is also our best recruiting tool for new members and advertisers. For these reasons, we have always devoted a lot of time and Club funds to creating a quality publication. For almost 30 years, Zündfolge has been a labor of love for a group of talented Club members. We pride ourselves on quality information and presentation. Most of the articles and photographs are the creation of talented Club members. We also rely on official BMW press information.

September 2011 coverRegular Zündfolge features include a Kalendar of events, promotion of future Club events, coverage of past events, technical information, the scoop on future BMW products and classified ads for our members. We try to provide, in one place, all the information about BMWs, worldwide, nationally and locally, a Club member would want to know.

Zündfolge is published 6 times a year. It is mailed to all Club members, prospective Club members, advertisers, other BMW chapters around the U. S. and all BMW CCA national Board members and tips reps.

April 2012 coverIf you have not received your Zündfolge, please go to the contact page and fill out a form or download a digital version right here.