Tour Governance Policy


Please read the following policy prior to signing the Agreement. By signing this form you are agreeing to abide by this policy. All participants in BMW Car Club of America Puget Sound Region (BMW CCA PSR) touring events must sign and date this form as a condition precedent to participation.

All participants in BMW CCA PSR touring events shall abide by the rules adopted for tours by the Club’s Board of Directors. The rules are intended to make Club tours safe, enjoyable, and free of liability. Violation of the rules will result in dismissal from the tour event and potential forfeiture of participation in future tour events. The following will result in tour dismissal:

• Failure to maintain Washington State mandated minimum liability insurance limits

• Failure to comply with state and local traffic laws

• Excessive speed

• Racing

• Passing in a no passing zone or in an unsafe manner

• Passing the touring event leader

• Drinking of alcohol while driving and driving while intoxicated

• Any action which causes a collision or near miss

• Any action which causes another driver to maneuver to avoid a collision

• Any action which causes injury to a pedestrian or other driver/passenger

• Receipt of a moving violation citation by law enforcement officials during the tour

• Being under age 18

In addition to the above specific rules, the Tour Coordinators reserve the right to dismiss any individual participant deemed to be exhibiting behavior(s) not in the spirit of these rules or of the Club in general. Any two dismissals from tour events in a one-year period will result in the member forfeiting his/her eligibility to participate in future Club tour events.