Upcoming Track Days

  • Driving School
Car Control Clinic
at Pacific Raceways
08/25/2017, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
  • Driving School
High Performance Driving Education
at Pacific Raceways
08/25/2017, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

Driving Education Programs

Welcome to one of the best driving events in the Northwest! Our club has a proven program that continues to exceed our member’s expectations. Our events are well known as being great events that are well structured, safe, and fun.

Our goals are simple; share our knowledge of driving at a level not readily available to the masses. After drivers’ education in school, most of our learning comes only from our daily driving. Through the club events, drivers are given the ability to take their learning further than they ever thought possible, at facilities that provide a controlled environment. Improving real-world driving is our focus, and creating better drivers is the key.

The schools are designed not as race driver training, but as an avenue to learn how to become better, safer drivers. Drivers learning the limits of their car and their driving abilities, in a safe and controlled environment are our schools purpose. We take great pride in creating a program that is valuable to all levels and types of drivers, from those that are interested in just learning more advanced driving skills to our members whose goals are to join the club’s summer High-Performance Driving Schools. We also offer avenues for those who are truly hooked and eventually want to go racing, through our Club’s affiliation with the local Northwest-racing league, International Conference of Sports Car Clubs (ICSCC).

We have great members who love BMWs and love their club. We look forward to having you out with us.

Here you’ll find information on all our events. Additional topics will be added as we move forward. This will be a living document designed to provide you with an overview of our programs, as well as topics available to add to your driving experiences.


Car Control Clinic – CCC

Attending a Car Control Clinic (CCC) is a prerequisite to attending a High-Performance Driving School, This is an interim step as you build your skill level.

It begins with a series of drill stations. Each station is designed to focus on a specific car control skill, offering students the opportunity to gain practical skills which they can immediately transfer to their every day driving. Stations include slalom, braking, skid pad, and a handling oval. Instructors will ride with students and coach them at each drill station. Drivers will learn the limits of their car and how to keep their car within those limits.

During the afternoon, drivers will have the opportunity to be exposed to the road racing track surface at Pacific Raceways.

The objective of the school is to make the student a safer and more confident driver. The driver will have a blast and have a whole new appreciation for their BMW! If you have ever been curious why they call these ‘The Ultimate Driving Machines’–spend a day with us and find out what German Engineering is all about!

High-Performance Driving Schools – HPDS

Our High-Performance Driving Schools are designed as a way for drivers to continue their skill building. The intent behind these events is to offer further driver-skills education. These events are skill-building days to enhance the car control training. A drivers learning does not stop with the first school, but rather accumulates over time with each additional event attended. As with all our schools, these events are fully staffed with an ensemble of instructors available for our drivers all day – you cannot beat that! We are fortunate to have a consistent, dedicated group of instructors that donate their time all year so drivers can pick their favorites and learn from them all year.

Drivers who have not driven Pacific Raceways should not miss this opportunity. Pacific Raceways is very challenging and exciting to drive. The track offers driving variety, from elevation change, to hairpin turns, to a challenging chicane. Check out this video if you’d like to get a preview of the best line around the track.

To be eligible, drivers need to have attended our car control clinic or an equivalent program. Email the Driving Events Chair if you have any questions on eligibility.


How do I register and how much do the events costs?

See Registration Section for details. Prices will be announced for each event during the registration period.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Driver confirmation letters will specify the date on which cancellations will be taken with refunds and the final deadline for which there are no refunds. This is typically a week prior to the event.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes are a must. Loose fitting pants, shirts, sweaters, etc. Closed-toe shoes are required. Flat soled shoes like any type of sneaker are fine. Bring umbrellas and layers of clothes so that you are prepared for all types of weather.

What items should I bring to the track?

The list of “good to have” items for the track include glass cleaner, paper towels, brake fluid, oil, tire pressure gauge, rags, snacks, a container to stow your gear, a lawn chair, waterproof gear for you and your things (trash bags or a small tarp work well). Drivers should arrive at the track with a full tank of gas and tires inflated to the manufacturer’s specified pressures. It is important that drivers check tire pressures in the cold weather. The ambient temperature has a significant effect on tire pressure.

What if I bring a different car than I registered?

Drivers must attend with the car in which they were confirmed. If a driver needs to change cars, they need to notify the Registrar as soon as possible.

What if I can’t make it but want to give my spot to someone else?

Available spots are first given out to those drivers on the waiting list and any open spots will be filled through the Registrar prior to the track event.

Is my auto insurance in effect at driving schools?

There is a growing trend of insurance companies specifically excluding anything that happens in a closed-course facility, and this includes our driving schools. If this concerns you, you should check with your carrier if your auto insurance is effective or not at driving schools. If you find that your insurance company will not be in effect while attending a closed course event, you may wish to check out Lockton Motorsports, an insurance company which has been vetted by the BMW Club. Thanks to BMW CCA’s partnership with Lockton Motorsports, our members are eligible for varying premium discounts, depending on the type of coverage purchased. Lockton Motorsports offers both single and multi-event policies. Lockton Motorsports also offers coverage for competition and dedicated track cars and equipment while in storage, transit or in paddock. On Lockton Motorsports’ user-friendly website, you can buy insurance online in as little as five minutes and, the club discount our members receive is a member benefit that will often pay for their annual dues in one or two policy purchases. Click here for more information about Lockton Motorsports policies.

What should I do when I arrive at the track?

Registration can be a bottleneck to the start of our day. Getting through registration and coming prepared will help us get everyone started on time. Specific details are provided in the drivers confirmation packet for each event.

What if it rains?

We run rain or shine. If it does rain, do not despair. Drivers can learn more about car control in the rain than any other time.

How do I get to the track?

Directions for each track can be found under the Tracks Section.

Can spectators and friends come out with me?

Yes, but everyone on the site must check-in and sign an insurance waiver.

How about Turn Working?

Not everyone has the time, money, or inclination to drive on the track, but if you love the sport, there’s another way to be involved! Please consider being a turn worker on track days.

Please contact the Driving Events Coordinator if you are interested in helping.


Registration for all events will open in January.  Event registration will remain open until the Monday prior to the event, or until the event reaches capacity, whichever comes first.

All registration is done though www.MotorsportReg.com  Register early to ensure a spot.

For the list of this club’s events for the year and additional driving opportunities visit the motorsport calendar. There are plenty of events to attend in addition to ours!


  • All events require pre-registration.
  • Spots will not be held prior to registration opening.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years old for HPDE events, and 16 years old for CCC events.
  • Participants must be BMW CCA club members.

To join the club, visit the BMW Car Club of America web site and choose the Puget Sound Region as your chapter. Members will then begin to receive the national club publication, The Roundel, in addition to our local chapter publication, the Zündfolge. Club members will receive the full details of our events through the Zündfolge and therefore can stay most informed of events and registration information. We also accept PCA PNWR, BMWACA, BMW CCBC, NWARC, and PSMINI members.


Car Control Clinics
None. This is designed to be a starting point for your education behind the wheel.
High-Performance Driving Schools
Drivers must have prior experience to attend these events, either having attended our car control clinic or have prior experience from an approved program. If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please contact the Driving Events Coordinator for additional options available to obtain your training.

Questions? Please contact the registrar: registrar@bmwpugetsound.com


Listed below are several requirements to help drivers prepare for our events. Upon confirmation to any of our driving events drivers will receive a confirmation email with explicit details for that event. Items not covered here will be covered in this email.

Club Membership

A current, valid membership in the BMW CCA is required for participation in club driving events.


Car Control Clinics
Convertibles are allowed at Car Control Clinics.
High-Performance Driving Schools
In the interest in the safety of our students and instructors, convertibles are not allowed at our High Performance Driving Events. There are local Clubs that do allow convertibles and will honor your BMW CCA membership. Please contact the Driving Events Chair for help finding a venue to drive your convertible.

Car Technical Inspection

Car Control Clinics
Tech Inspections are not required for Car Control Clinics
High-Performance Driving Schools
A technical inspection will be required for every driver’s car in advance of a track event. This inspection consists of a thorough examination of the driver’s car by a qualified ASE certified mechanic. Inspections focus on engine compartment condition, brakes, tires, suspension, steering, etc., in an attempt to ensure that cars have adequate systems before they are driven on the track. This driving activity and the speeds being driven dictate that drivers cannot afford to be casual with the safety of their car. To ensure the safety of all our participants, we must insist on a proper safety inspection being carried out by a qualified individual. This is for the drivers benefit and safety as well as for the safety of other drivers on the track.

Tech Forms

Upon being confirmed for EACH event, a confirmation packet will be sent out that will include a link to the Tech Inspection form. All technical inspection forms must be completed in their entirety and clearly signed and stamped by a certified ASE mechanic at a known and reputable shop.

  • Just one (1) annual tech inspection required, student must bring a copy of the inspection with them to each track event with club.
  • For shops, which do not use a stamp, drivers must attach a copy of the receipt for work completed.
  • Technical inspections will not be performed at the track.
  • Drivers checking in without a tech sheet at the track – means no track time, no exceptions.
  • The following shops have offered to provide this technical inspection for a reduced rate of $35 for our club members. Although this is not an extensive list of shops covering all the area in which our drivers reside, we hope this offers some assistance. These shops are not mandatory, if you have another choice of shop please continue to use them as long as they are ASE certified.

    Discounted Technical Inspections provided by:

    • Auburn Foreign Car – Auburn (253) 833-8161
    • Boyles Foreign Car – Lakewood (253) 588-8669
    • Bristow’s Automotive – Tacoma (253) 471-1663
    • BMW Seattle – Seattle (206) 328-2300
    • Car Tender – Seattle (206) 324-0345
    • Eastside Bavarian – Issaquah (425) 391-1990
    • European Auto Clinic – Federal Way (253) 874-3870
    • Group 2 Motorsport – Seattle (206) 378-0900
    • Haury’s Autobody – Seattle (206) 365-1565
    • KD Motorsports – (425) 351-6401
    • Olympic Automotive – Lynnwood (425) 742-1355
    • Rolling Bay Automotive – Rolling Bay, WA (206) 842-7678
    • Strictly BMW – Bellevue (425) 747-6044


Car Control Clinics
Helmets are not required for Car Control Clinics.
High-Performance Driving Schools
Helmets are required for High-Performance Driving Schools

Current helmet requirements for CCA events require Snell ratings of 2005 or 2010. No earlier models will be accepted. Snell 2005 helmets will be acceptable through 2016. Motorcycle helmets are also acceptable as long as the M rating conforms to the Snell rating for the appropriate period.

When shopping for a new helmet we recommend drivers try helmets on prior to purchasing. Although catalog and Internet shopping are great resources for compiling information about helmets, it is not always the best way to purchase. All helmets, even those from the same manufacturer, can fit differently. Just sending in measurements will not guarantee a helmet will fit you correctly.

There are several local shops where drivers can shop for a helmet and gather some great hands on advice. Below are a few:

Driver Qualifications

Age of drivers (and passengers where applicable)
  • Minimum age is 18 for HDPE events.
  • Minimum age is 16 for CCC events.
All drivers and instructors shall have a full operators (drivers) license that shall not be suspended or revoked.

Information about local and other tracks where driving events occur.

Directions and Track Maps (1MB .pdf — includes: Pacific Raceways, Portland Int’l Raceway, Spokane Raceway Park, and The Ridge Motorsports Park)

Don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader? Download your free copy here.

Pacific Raceways

website – www.pacificraceways.com

Detailed tutorial of the BMW School line at Pacific Raceway (850KB .pdf file)

Previously known as Seattle International Raceway, this well known track returns to its original name, Pacific Raceways. Pacific Raceways is not new to racing though, having hosted races since the 1960s. Although the location of the track is the same (Kent, Washington) that should be about all that will be familiar to us as we move forward over time. We have been given glimpses of what the future will hold for our local road course and it looks extremely positive! The energy behind this effort is very high and the owners of the facility have a goal to make our track the premier motorsports facility of the Northwest. Goodbye Seattle International Raceway and hello Pacific Raceways! It will take time to implement all the changes so do not expect completion all at once. For most of us I know we will be happy with the simple improvements at the beginning – i.e., suitable bathrooms!

The Ridge Motorsports Park, Shelton WA.

website – www.ridgemotorsportspark.com/ 

Portland International Raceway

website – www.portlandraceway.com

Oregon Raceway Park

website – http://oregonraceway.com/


We’ve found an excellent source for guides to California tracks at: