1988 BMWACA Autocross School

1988 BMWACA Autocross School

by | Apr 8, 1988

Last month we talked about how the skills learned at autocross school can make one a more skillful and more safe d river. This month we’ll talk about what to expect at the school.

The location will be the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe. The Speedway is located on the Evergreen State Fair­ grounds  along  Highway  2. The track

itself is located just below the main grandstand. The date is Sunday, May 15.

When you arrive, sign in and pay your fees. The cost will be $15 for one person with one car, $25 for one car with more than one driver. You will receive a packet of papers which explain in detail more about the school and autocrossing. Then, it’s to the tech sta­ tion to have your car inspected. After your car is teched, you’ll park it in the pit area and remove all loose articles from the trunk and interior of the car. It would be a good idea to bring a plastic tarp in case we have some foul weather. Registration and tech will be taking place from 8-9 in the morning, so please be prompt. Plan on at least a 45 minute trip to Monroe from d own­ town Seattle.

At 9 o’clock the head instructor will give a brief talk on the fundamentals of autocrossing. Itwon’t be a long winded lecture, but just a few basic tips. At 9:30 we will divide into three groups and head out to the d rill stations with our cars. There will be three d ifferent d rill stations You will spend approxi­ mately 45 min utes at each one.

At 11:30 we will break for a one hour lu nch period . During the lunch break some of the instructors will be setting up a short autocross course for the afternoon session. At 12:30 the head instructor will recap the morning ses­ sion and then lead on a walk through of the autocross course. After the walk-throughs are completed we will begin running cars through the course. The timers will be set up to take times of those who run. If you feel uneasy about being timed on your run, all you have to do is request that you not be timed. This procedure will be fully explained before we run the afternoon session.

Normally at all club track events we require that driver and passengers wear helmets . However, since we are trying to attract members that have never been to a track event, we will be waiv­ing the helmet requirement for this time only. There are many people who have wanted to participate in a track event or autocross but have not d one so because they d on’t have a helmet. So come out and have a good time.

A couple of final notes . Try to get a good night’s rest before the school and try to arrive a  little early. Also, put some extra air in your tires before you head out. The tech crew will help you set tire pressure at the track. And don’t forget to bring some rain gear just in case. If you have any questions at all, feel free to give your Autocross Chair­ man a call at [redacted]


The fairgrounds and track arejust west of Monroe on Highway 2. There are 2 entrances to the race track One is through the main fairgrounds parking lot behind the grandstands. The other is through a service road behind the fairgrounds.

This article was originally published in the April 1988 edition of Zundfolge