BMW Fest Northwest ’87 – June update

BMW Fest Northwest ’87 – June update

by | Jun 8, 1987

BMW Fest Northwest: Overview

You’ve been hearing about it for months now. The biggest and best event in club history is almost here – BMW Fest Northwest! There will be three days of non-stop BMW events. Take part in everything or just pick those that suit your interests. Individual events are all located conveniently in and around Seattle. This makes participating easy for those in the greater Seattle area. For our more far flung members and members of other chapters, Fest Northwest makes it worth­ while to travel to  Seattle  because you can take in so many varied events in one weekend. This is the last Zundfolge before BMW Fest Northwest so you need to register now for those events requiring advance registration. Remember, Fest Northwest will be held July 10, l l and 12. A registration form is again printed in this month’s magazine. Events requiring advance registration are the driving school, welcome party and dinner. You are welcome to register for the autocross and gymkhana. The rally and con­ cours require no advance notice because there is no charge for these events.

Hotel reservations should be made as soon as possible but the hotel will try to accommodate members as late as one or two days before BMW Fest Northwest. Early reservation ensures a spot. The hotel is the Regency Motor Inn, 2200 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121. Call them at 206-441-9785 and tell them you are with the BMW Club. Rates are $36 for one person, one bed :

$42 for two persons, one bed; $44 for two persons, two beds. Each addi­tional person is $3 per night. There is secure, covered parking available at the hotel. The hotel is close to the retail core, Pike Place Market and monorail to the Seattle Center. Other diversions are available via the free bus service in downtown Seattle.

Each event within BMW Fest North­ west  has  its  own  chairperson. The reports of each of their events is pres­ ented  in this  Zundf olge. Read them and when in doubt, participate!  We hope to have a lot of first-timers in all events. Also, keep in mind that you can participate in as many or as few things as you’d like. Ifyou just want to attend the dinner Saturday night, that’s fine! My choice as the “sleeper” event is the Rallye. Char Killien has devised a simple rallye that will be fun for anyone. No rallye experience is needed. The rallye is an event where a couple, a whole family or a whole car full can collaborate. Besides, the rallye is free and provides an entertaining  way to drive to the concours. And  the con­ cours is something no one should miss. Pack a lunch or get something on the way, but be there, The rallye-concours combination  on  Sunday  should  be super.

-David Lightfoot

BMW Fest Northwest: Driving School

 BMW Fest Northwest’s first event will be one of our popular one day driving schools at Seattle International Raceway. The driving school is Fri­ day, July 10th and a mandatory ground school/ tech inspection will be held the night before.

The ground school/ tech inspection will be held at Phil Smart, Inc. on July 9th from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Phil Smart is located at 600 E. Pike St. in Seattle. From the Regency Motor Inn go south on Fifth Avenue (it’s one way). Turn left on Pike St. and follow it up the hill and over I-5. The dealership will be on the left side. Bring your car to the ser­ vice entrance for tech inspection. Leave your keys because the tech inspectors will need to move the cars through while all school participants are in ground school. The ground school will be conducted in the showroom .

As the tech inspection is just the night before the track session, partici­ pants are responsible for making sure their cars are track worthy. The follow­ ing items are especially important:

  • Tires with legal tread depth
  • New brake fluid and new but broken in brake pads
  • Wheel bearings without excessive play
  • No fluid leaks
  • No worn out suspension components

Any unsafe car will be denied partic­ipation in the school.

The classroom session will cover proper braking and acceleration, cornering basics like understeer and over­steer, vehicle dynamics, smooth shifting, and skid control. Then, on Friday at the track, we will put what we’ve talked about into practice. The morning will feature four groups that will rotate through four stations. The sta­tions will be: l) skid control and heel and toe downshifrtng , 2) slalom and accident avoidance, 3) handling oval and 4) the backside of SIR including the hairpins and the chicane. Through it all, an experienced club instructor will be assigned to provide guidance. In the afternoon we put it all together and drive the full SIR road circuit. It’s fun, safe and not too intimidating because of our gradual approach.

Here’s our schedule for the track :

7:00-8:00 Check-in
8:15-8:40 Drivers  Meeting
8:40-9:00         Staging, proceed to first station
9:00-9:40 Station one
9:45-10:25 Station two
10:30-11:10 Station three
11:15-11:55 Station four
12:00-12:20 Lunch break
12:20-12:30 First group of corner workers sent out
12:30-12:55 Run group one
1:00-1:25 Run group two
1:30-1:55 Run group three
2:00-2:25 Run group four
2:30-2:55 Run group five
3:00-3:25 Run group six
3:30-4:00 Run group seven

Register for the school on the BMW Fest Northwest form in the Zundfolge. The school is limited to 36 cars so register early. When you arrive at the track make sure your tires are pumped up to 38-40 pounds, all loose items are out of the car, you have a helmet, your gas tank is full and you have brought a lunch. If you are from out of the area, stop at a convenience store or deli on the way to the track. There will not be sufficient time to go out to lunch on Friday. If you have any questions call Lucetta o r David Lightfoot at 206-282-2641.

-David Lightfoot

BMW Fest Northwest: Welcome Party

The Regency Motor Inn in downtown Seattle is the home for our out of town guests and the BMW Fest Northwest Welcome Party. We are planning on this to be a nice social get together to give us all  a chance to get well acquainted for the weekend’s activities. For those of you who have spent the day at the drivers school, this will be a golden opportunity to tell tall tales of your driving prowess.

Our current President Bill Linder and his wife, Chris, will be hosting the affair. They hope you will all attend, even if only to say hello, and to help kick off what will be a fun and enjoy­ able weekend fo-r all. Beer, wine and finger food will be served. The location is 2200 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle, Friday July 10th from 7:00 to 10:00 p .m. The cost is a mere $5 per person, for what will be a truly enjoyable evening.

BMW Fest Northwest: Rallye

An easy Gimmick Rallye is planned for Sunday morning, July 12th, as part of BMW Fest Northwest. It’s called a “Gimmick” Rallye bcause the rallye instructions consist of photographs, questions to be answered and simple street directions. This is not a time, speed and distance rallye. There will be no obscure rallye terminology, traps or pictures of the sky! This is a straightforward rallye witch will be enjoyable to those who have never participated in a rallye before. The rallye instructions are geared for tourists and novice rallye enthusiasts. The  rallye  begins  at  the  Regency Motor Inn, 2200 Fifth Avenue (Fifth and Blanchard) in Seattle . While this is our base of operations for BMW Fest Northwest, you needn’t be staying at the hotel to participate. Anybody going to the concours ought to try the rallye. It will be a fun  way   to  travel  to  Chateau  Ste.

Michelle Winery, arriving just before the judging begins. For the locals who really think they know Seattle and the Eastside, see if you even need the instructions to find the well know pictured landmarks.

You should plan on arriving at the Re­ gency Motor Inn about 8:45 a.m. The first car out will leave at 9:00 a.m. Both Sunday events, the Rallye and the Con­ cours d’Elegance, are free. Plan on bringing a picnic lunch to Ste. Michelle . Ifyou are from out of town , stop by a deli or convenience store during the rallye. Or you can get a snack (and a bottle of wine) at the Ste. Michelle retail store.

BMW Fest Northwest: Autocross

Autocrossing is great fun. For those of you who have never tried it we will give you an opportunity on Saturday, July 11th, day two of BMW Fest Northwest. An autocross is an event that is run on an open parking lot, in this case Sand Point Naval Air Sta­ tion: and it tests the driver’s reflexes and agility as he or she drives through a course made up of highway cones. The event is run against the clock and there is only one car on the course at a time so there is no fear of fender benders. This particular course will be set up fairly simply to benefit the beginners in the group and we will have experienced drivers on hand to answer the needs of the first time auto­ crossers in the group.

The requirements are simple: you need to have your car ready to pass a simple safety inspection, your car inte­rior and trunk emptied of anything that might become airborne during the abrupt turns, have an approved helmet for your head, a good nights sleep and

$10.00 in your hand. For this event it is not required to have advance registra­ tion, just show up at the site ready to have fun. We will inspect your car after you have arrived and registered, after which you can talk with other partici­ pants or walk the course. We will categorize the cars based on model and extent of modifications. In addition to the classifications for the car, we have classes for women only (or women can compete in the regular classes). To find your way to Sand Point Naval Air Sta­ tion get on 1-5 heading north and take

the 45th Street exit heading east. Fol­low 45th Street and look for Sand Point Way bearing left around 37th Street. Follow Sand Point Way about 2 miles and look for the Naval Air Base entrance on the right hand side of the street. Stop at the guard shack and tell them you are with the BMW Club and they will instruct you where to go.

Even if you are not planning to run the event, come out anyway, auto­ crossing is a fantastic spectator sport. We will be running the gymkhana on an adjacent parking lot so you will be able to take advantage of both events. Following the autocross we will be giv­ ing awards for the fastest times of the day.

Plan on spending the day and be sure to bring a lunch. Alcoholic bever­ ages are not allowed.

The schedule looks like this:
8:30 -Registration & Tech & Course Walk-Throughs
9:30 – First Run Group

Schedule is flexible the rest of the day with a noon break for lunch and fun runs in the afternoon, time permitting.

Tom O’Dell

BMW Fest Northwest: GYMKHANA

Saturday, July I Ith we will be hosting our first Gymkhana. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the event kicking off at about 9:30 a.m. The Gymkhana will be run concurrently with the autocross and will be scheduled such that you can participate in both events.

The Gymkhana promises to be great fun to participate in as well as a delight to watch. The simple maneuvers the driver/ helper team must perform often draw cheers from the bystanders and lots of helpful “hints” on how to get through the course faster.

The event will be run on a large park­ ing lot adjacent to the site of the auto­ cross. If you can drive, back-up and parallel park, this event is for you. At a minimal cost of $2.00 per team the price is right. Two timed runs are permitted and then for an additional $2.00 the helper/co-pilot can become the  driver and run the course twice again. Direc­ tions to the Sand Point site can be found elsewhere in this issue.

Contrary to last month’s article, hel­ mets will not be required. This is a low speed event, requiring the driver and helper to act as a team. The team negotiates the car through a well defined pylon course. The helper will frequently exit the car or lean out the window to per­ form certain activities such as: blowing up a balloon, picking up tennis balls and other simple tasks.

Accuracy and speed are the criteria for judging. Scoring will be the total times less penalty points for hit pylons and helper errors. A trophy will be given to

the first place finisher. Join us for what promises to be great fun and competition.

-Ron Newell

BMW Fest Northwest: Banquet

The big social event of BMW Fest Northwest is the informal banquet at the House of Hong at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 11th. Why Chinese food for a BMW club event? Because there’s no decent German restaurant in Seattle that can accommodate a group of our size. Plus, Chinese food is fun and a good value. After all, the point of BMW Fest North­west is to have fun, but we want to keep the cost reasonable, especially to those from out of town. Besides, the House of Hong has the best Chinese food in Seattle. Try it, you’ll see.

You don’t need to be attending other activities to take part in the dinner. Cost is $15 per person in advance. Use the BMW Fest Northwest registration form to register. Dinner will be served family style and will include winter melon soup, sweet and sour appetizer plate, abalone mushrooms, crispy fried chicken, beef steak,  pan  fried  prawns,  roasted  duck, scallops with fresh vegetables and rice. Beverages are available separately.

Here’s driving directions from the Re­ gency Motor Inn: head south on Fifth Avenue through the retail and business area. Tum left on Jackson Street. After a few blocks, tum right on 8th Avenue. The House of Hong is at 409 Eighth Av­ enue South. There is a small parking lot next to the restaurant, another across the street and sill another under the freeway. Parking is limited so carpools are advised.

David Lightfoot

BMW  Fest  Northwest: Concours  D’Elegance

The crowning event of BMW Fest Northwest will  be the Club’s annual concours d ‘elegance at the Ste. Michelle winery  in  Woodinville  Sunday,  July 12. This has historically been the club’s most popular event of the year, and it isn’t hard to see why: the (generally!) fine summer weather, the winery and its beautiful grounds, plus the opportunity to see an unmatched variety of BMWs which have obviously been lavished with the owners’ loving care. Best of all, the whole day is free and there is plenty of room to picnic, converse under the large trees on the grounds; and to let the kids have a good time too.

This year’s event has the  added attraction of a rally from downtown Seattle to the winery; for more details­ see elsewhere in the magazine. Even if you can’t take part in the rally, plan on joining the fun Sunday at Ste. Michelle . Ifyou are planning to participate in the concours itself, enter via the service road west of the winery grounds; you will receive registration information and be told where to park your car. If you are coming to spectate, parking is available in lots at the north entrance. Once inside the grounds, the time is yours to not only enjoy the cars, but to take a winery tour, explore the grounds, or merely relax under a shady tree and picnic. The one rule which must be strictly observed is that due to WSLCB regulations, the only alcohol which may be consumed on the site is Ste. Michelle wine. There is a small deli/ wine shop where you can purchase wine, non-alcoholic drinks, plus snack foods.

Judging will be in five classes:

  1. Early 4 cylinder ( 1600, 1800, 2000, 2002, etc.)
  2. Early 3 series (through 1983 S. models)
  3. Newer 3 series (318i, 325e, 325i, etc.)
  4. Early six cylinder (Bavaria, 0s, 2800CS, 3.0CS, etc.)
  5. Newer six cylinder  (5, 6  and  7 series).

Judging will focus on three primary areas: exterior , engine compartment, and interior including the trunk .There will not be an undercarriage or wheel well check. Aftermarket parts will be judged on the same basis as the rest of the car; e.g. without regard to authen­ ticity. Bonus points will be given based on model year and mileage . Trophies will be awarded to the top three places in all categories. Also, there will again be a Spectator’s Choice award Entrant’s choice award . The specific items the judges will be looking for follow:

  • Coachwork and Exterior surfaces:
    • Body:
      • Fit and alignment of panels
      • Dents and dings
      • Rust
      • Evidence / quality of prior work
    • Paint:
      • Consistency / texture
      • Film failure/ crazing-oxidation
      • Depth of gloss
      • Rock chips
    • Preparation:
      • Buffer swirls
      • Wax residue
    • Problem  areas:
      • Rocker panels
      • Gas filler area
      • Road tar
  • Metal and plastic trim
  • Rubber trim
  • Bumpers Glass
  • Wheels and tires
  • Head and block:
    • Head
    • Block
    • Intake manifold
    • Exhaust manifold
    • Dipstick and. tube
    • Air filter housing and hoses
    • Oil filter and bracket
    • Sending units
    • Fuel pump or fuel distributor
    • Fuel lines
    • Throttle cable or linkage
  • Electrical components:
    • Battery Alternator
    • Ignition distributor, coil, plug wires
    • Relays and fuse box
    • Wiring harnesses
    • Wiper motor
  • Brake and steering components:
    • Boost unit and related hydraulic lines
    • Master cylinder
    • Reservoir and lines
  • Cooling system components:
    • Radiator and overflow tank
    • Hoses and clamps
    • Fan
    • Belts and pulleys
  • Compartment and underside of hood:
    • Insulation and soundproofing
    • Paint
    • Hood hinges and latches
    • Decals
    • Strut support bearings
    • Washer bottle and lines
  • Interior:
    • Door and side panels, back window tray
    • Headliner
    • Carpeting
    • Dashboard and instrument cluster
    • Door hinges, gaskets, door brakes
    • Seats
  • Trunks:
    • Interior (spare tire well, gasket)
    • Underside  of trunk lid
    • Tools and jack
    • Floor covering
    • Spare tire


From I-405 north or south take the 20B exit at Totem Lake and head east for approximately 2 miles, down the hill past JB Instant Lawn and down to the street light at the Woodinville-Redmond road. Turn left. Follow this road to the four way stop at the Texaco station and the Hollywood School house. Turn left. The Chateau Ste. Michelle is just across the valley on the left. If you are bringing your car to the Concours d ‘Ele­ gance area then look west of the main gates. There is a road marked as a pri­vate road, turn and look for the cars.


9:00-11:00 registration;
11:30-2:00 judging;
2:30 awards.

Make no mistake, preparing your car to meet concours standards involves a greater commitment than merely insuring the car is “clean.” But don’t be intimidated! The effort you will expend will be reflected in the enhanced pride you 1\ave in your vehicle, its appearance, and should you decide to sell, its resale value. But whether you decide to participate or not, plan on coming out and joining the fun. See you there!

BMW Fest Northwest: Driving in Seattle

 Here’s  a primer  on the  Seattle  street system  for  visitors  to  our  area.  First, Seattle,  like Rome,  was built on  seven hills.  Combine  this  with  Puget  Sound and various lakes and there is just no way to set out nice straight streets. However, the  downtown  streets  are laid  out in  a fairly   orderly   manner.   Everything is parallel  except for a kink due to a disagreement between two Seattle pioneers. In Seattle,  avenues run roughly  north and south, streets run east and west. An the number, streets before. For example, 6th N. is really 6th Avenue North while N. 6th is really North 6th Street. Except in downtown Seattle where there are no direction designations. However, help is available. In downtown, avenues have numbers and run parallel to Elliot Bay. The streets have names and are perpendicular to the Bay. Actually, the streets begin at the water and head uphill. Also, all the streets  from  Pioneer  Square, which borders downtown on the south, through the financial and retail areas are paired with names starting with the same consonant. For example, Pike and Pine Streets are one block apart.

To remember the order of the streets, use the mnemonic: Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest. Starting from the south, the streets run in this order: J in Jesus stands for Jefferson and James, C in Christ for Cherry and Columbia, M in Made for Madison  and Marion, S in Seattle for Seneca and Spring, U in Under for University and Union, in Protest for Pike and Pine. Clever, huh? Shortly after Pike and Pine the avenues kink and head into the Denny Regrade area where the hotel is located. No such cute mnemonics are available in this area.

When traveling  south in downtown it is best to use Fifth Avenue as it is one way. Second is also one way southbound and is a good alternate. When traveling northbound use Fourth Avenue, which is also one way. Try to avoid First and Third Avenues as they are both two way roads and do not flow well.

A Seattle Native

This article was originally published in the June1987 edition of Zundfolge