BMW Fest Northwest ’88 – June Update

BMW Fest Northwest ’88 – June Update

by | Jun 18, 1988

BMW Fest Northwest: Overview

The biggest event fot BMW ACA is just about upon us. This is the last Zundfolge you’ll receive prior to the second annual BMW Fest Northwest. Plan now to participate in as many Fest Northwest events as you’re able to. Fest Northwest is especially conve­ nient for those members who live too far from Seattle to participate in club activities on a regular basis . By cram­ming lots of stuff into three days, back­ to-back, it should be worthwhile for far-flung members to come to Seattle and get involved.

BMW Fest Northwest will take place on July 8, 9 and I 0. Each event over the three day span is run independently .

So you can take part in as many or as few things as you like. Most events don’t even require advance registra­ tion so you can join us on the spur of the moment. All events are designed to accommodate the first-timer. Advance registration is required for the Driving School and for the dinner on Saturday night.

-David Lightfoot

Schedule of Events

Friday, July 8, 7:00-4:00 Driving School at SIR

A driving school to suit all levels of experience, from novice to veteran. Open track all day with instruction suited to your needs. Advance registra­ tion required .

Saturday, July 9, 8:30-4:00 Autocross and Gymkhana

The autocross and gymkhana will be held on adjacent sites at Sand Point Naval Air Station. Two very different but fun events.

Saturday, July 9, 8:00-?

Dinner at the Marrakesh Restaurant An exotic Moroccan feast (and we mean feast) at a bargain price. Purely social and relaxing. Advance registra­ tion required.

Sunday, July 10, 9:00-11:30 Gimmick Rallye

No experience required  and everyb­ ody in the car gets to help! Have fun on the way to the Concours .

Sunday, July 10, 11:30-3:00 Concours d’Elegance

The club’s biggest and best event. Picnicking and beautiful Bimmers on the grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

BMW Fest Northwest Driving School

The club has Seattle International Raceway reserved for all day, July 8th, Friday . We’ll be holding a one day driving school. But this school will be a little different than our usual one day novice school. Instead of working through a series of drills in the morn­ ing, we will be on the full track from the beginning . We will have separate groups for novices and everyone will get instruction. But, for those with some experience under their belts who want lots of track time and don’t want the drills, this school will be ideal. Plus , hopefully, we’ll have great weather.

Novices will get the basics from their instructor on a personalized basis. We’ll go slowly and gradually; there is no need to be intimidated. Members with track experience will be able to improve their skills with the help of experienced instructors.

If you want to participate, register now using the form in this issue. Here’s what you’ll need to bring :

□ Helmet
□ Lunch
□ Tires pumped up to about 40 psi
□ Logbook, if you have one
□ Camera, if you like

To reach SIR take exit 142-A from I-5, south of Federal Way, turn onto Highway 18. Head east until you see the signs to the track on the right side of the Highway.

Here’s the schedule for the July 8th Driving School:

7:00-8:00 Check-in, tech inspection 8:15-8:45 Drivers’ meeting

9:00-4:00 25 minute run groups, 5 minutes to change corner workers

All school participants must ensure their car is safe for the track. Each car will be inspected at the track Friday morning. If your car flunks tech, you will be barred from the school. Here’s some things to check:

  • Tires with legal tread depth
  • Fresh brake fluid
  • No excessive play in wheel bearings
  • No fluid leaks
  • No worn out suspension

Make sure your car is read y to be driven hard. Like a BMW should be driven!

David Lightfoot

Fest Mystery Autocross and Gymkhana

This year’s Fest Northwest Autocross and Gymkhana will once again take place at the Sand Point Naval Air Station on Saturday, July 9. However, there is an element of mystery this time. Due to construction work at the site, the courses for both the autocross and gymkhana cannot be planned ahead of time. While we are assured of having enough room, it isn’t at all cer­ tain what form the available space will take. It may be relatively normal course such as last year’s or something completely new and radical. It should be fun to find out!

For those of you new to the club, an autocross is nothing more than a course laid out on a parking lot using familiar orange traffic cones as markers. The idea is to navigate one’s way through the course as quickly as possible with­ out missing gates (10 second penalty) or knocking over a cone (2 second penalty). Generally there is one timed practice run along with three counting runs determines one’s placing in his or her class. If time available, we may have some fun runs which are timed but are not used to determine one’s standing.

The gymkhana is somewhat different. It requires a driver and a “navigator”. Various activities of a semi-athletic nature are required of the navigator while the driver attempts various driv­ing maneuvers. A lot of fun to watch and even more to participate in!

Costs are $10 for the autocross and $2 for each gymkhana team. A helmet is required for the autocross, it is not required  for  the  gymkhana.  If you don’t have a helmet, we should be able to scrounge one up for you to borrow.

Many new members have expressed concern that their cars will be hurt at our autocrosses . While this is under­ standable, one need n’t worry. A well­ maintained BMW will not be hurt by participating in these events. The autocross and gymkhana are low-speed events which put the emphasis on smooth, safe handling of your Bimmer in a controlled setting. These are pre­ cisely the qualities we strive for as street drivers. So come on out! You’ll learn a little about your car as the Ultimate Driving Machine and about yourself as a driver, and most of all, you’ll have fun! And please remember that family and friends are most wel­ come to take part in the gymkhana or just watch, so bring them along.

To get to Sand Point, follow 520 to the Montlake Boulevard exit. Follow Montlake north; you’ll pass Husky Stadium on your way. In a couple of miles Montlake Blvd. becomes Sand Point Way. Follow Sand Point Way about 2 miles, the Naval Air Station is on your right. Turn right at the sto­ plight, and let the guard know you’re with the BMW Club. You’ll get direc­tions from there. Please keep your speed to 15mph; the Navy does enforce this limit. If you have any questions, give me a call in the evening at 854-1986.

-Paul Touby           

Join us for A Northwest Fest Dinner!

This year’s Fest Northwest dinner promises to be a special event. It will be held at the Marrakesh Restaurant on Capitol Hill in Seattle. The dinner will be a  wonderful feast featuring beef, chicken, lamb, and  seafood  prepared in a variety of ways. The meal will be served family-style so everyone will have a chance to try everything .

Bring a healthy appetite and don’t be intimidated by the idea of Moroc­can food. While it certainly has a unique  character,  there  is  certainly nothing we’ll be having that could be defined as wildly exotic. If you haven’t tried Moroccan cooking, you’re in for a real treat.

The owner of the Marrakesh is Ben Alaoui. He was a former owner of Mamounia, a well-established Moroc­ can eatery also on Capitol Hill. His new venture has received rave reviews in both Seattle dailies as well as the Seattle Weekly. His brother is the chef, so it is truly a family operation.

The  price  for  the  entire  feast  is $18.50 which includes tax and tip. Drinks can be purchased separately . It’s a great value, a chance to do some­ thing a little different , and plenty of food besides. This will be a great opportunity for a “taste of the Middle East,” so plan to join the fun at 8 p.m. Saturday, July 9.

The restaurant is located at 605 15th Avenue East, Seattle. Follow Olive Way East to 15th, then turn left. The restaurant is about 5 blocks on the left. Call me at 632-6567 or the restaurant at 328-4577. Send your reservations to the Club P.O. Box by July 7th to gua­ rantee  a spot!

See you there!

Sharon Silverstone

Fest Rallye For Fun

 What’s fun, free and something the whole  family  can participate  in? The second annual BMW Fest Northwest Rallye, that’s what. Plus, it provides a fun and scenic way to get to the Concours d’Elegance .

Our club Rallye is not a time-speed­ distance (TSD) type rallye . Instead, it’s a gimmick type rallye . This means that no experience is required . Directions are reasonably easy to understand and points are earned by answering ques­ tions via observations along the route or your knowledge of trivia or . . . well, whatever else the Rallyemaster dreams up .

The Rallye begins at Gasworks Park, at the north end of Lake Union in Seat­ tle. Start time is 9:00 a.m. Rallyists will finish at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery prior to the 11:30 start of the Concours.

So make a day of it . Pack a picnic lunch, rallye out to the Concours, enjoy some Ste. Michelle Wine and take in some beautiful cars. If anyone asks what you ‘re doing Sunday, July 10th, tell ’em you’re busy .

Char Killien

Concours d’Elegance

Clean. That will be the theme of the day. If you don’t enjoy clean BMWs, interesting people,  sunny July after­ noons, picnic lunches on the lawn and lazy shade trees, don’t come. If you do, then  definitely  make  plans  for  our annual Concours d ‘Elegance July 10 at the Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery in Woodinville. The Chateau has had a history  of  always  providing  a  fair weather d ay for this event. And if I am permitted the liberty of speculation, I think that this year will be no exception . The program this year will be the same as in past years . That is, we will be categorizing the entrants based on their model designation and in some cases on year of manufacture as well.

The class breakdown looks like this:

Early 4 cylinder cars.
1500, 1600, 1602, 1800, 1802, 2002, 2.0c, 2.0cs

Early 3-series cars.
320i, 323i

Late 3-series cars.
318i, 325 (all), M3

Early 6 cylinder cars.
Bavaria, 2800cs, 3.0cs, 2500, 2800, 3.0s, 3.0si, M1

Late 6 cylinder cars.
5-series (all), 6-series (all), 7-series (all)

The judging will be handled by two groups of three judges each. Each Group will look at approximately half of the field of cars. Within each group of judges there will be one person assigned to look at each of the areas of inspection. The following is a list of the three areas along with an abbreviated breakdown of the point system.


Passenger compartment  160 points
Trunk         80 points

Body   40 points
Paint   50 points
Surface preparation   20 points
Problem areas   170 points
(rocker panels, glass, bumpers, etc..)

Engine Compartment
Head and block   50 points
Electrical  components   30 points
Cooling system       25 points
Compartment walls
and underside of hood     25 points Total

665 points
+ 1 point per year of car
+ 1 point per 5000 miles

Brake and steering components 15 points

In preparation for the event it is necessary for you to have your car ready in advance

to coming to the Winery. There will be little time to do much more than the odd touch-up here or there. The grounds will be open for registration from 9:30 am – 11:00 am. Following this the cars will be declared “hands off” and no more cleaning will be allowed. the judging will begin at 11:30 am. The ending time will vary depending on the nu mber of cars entered. Usually judging  takes around 2 hours. Awards will be given after­ wards based on the highest earned points in each class. In addition to this, we will be giving awards to: Best of Show, the car that  has  accumulated the most points overall. Entrant’s choice, the car that has been chosen by ballot to be  the favorite of the other entrants in the concours. Spectators choice, the car that was chosen by bal­ lot to be the favorite of the spectators of the concours.

There  is  no  admission  charged  to attend so pack a lunch and bring along the family and friends. While you are at the Winery you can take in the sights of the well-cared-for  grounds or visit the Chateau for some delightful wine. The only requirement  is that no alco­ holic  beverages  be  brought  onto  the Winery property . Chateau Ste. Michelle has a license that only allows the con­ sumption of their wine on the premises.

Plan on coming! It will be an event that I know you will enjoy. 

Driving Directions

From Interstate 405 take the 124th St. exit at Totem Lake and drive east. Travel this road over the hill and down in the valley  until you come to the Woodinville Redmond Road & turn left. Follow this road to the next stop at the Hollywood School House & turn left on 145th St. NE. The winery will be just across the bridge on the left side of the road. Enter the area just past the main gate and down the small private road. The Concours will be set up in a large grass field on the left hand side near the end of the road.

Tom O’Dell

This article was originally published in the June 1988 edition of Zundfolge