Bring the Heroes of Bavaria to the America’s Car Museum!

Bring the Heroes of Bavaria to the America’s Car Museum!

by | Apr 14, 2018

On May 12, 2018, the “Heroes of Bavaria” exhibit will open at the America’s Car Museum in Tacoma Washington. This collection of 17 plus cars is in partnership with BMW and private collectors from across the country. In June 2017, the collection of cars was exhibited at the BMW Foundation. Perhaps you may have seen the article in Roundel. Now, it is coming to the only location on the West coast.

The museum has set up a mechanism to help defer the cost of bringing these cars out here. You can read all about this amazing collection and how to be part of this special event at:

The Puget Sound BMW CCA chapter will be very involved in promoting this event. We are in the process of planning a special PSR members-only gala at the end of the year. Yes, we might even ask you to put on some nice clothes to have dinner on the main museum floor next to all of these cars.

Please visit the website for the special offers and a complete description of all of the cars. What for future ATS and Zündfolge announcements regarding a our big party we are planning.

If you have questions, please contact Steve Libby,