Concours d’Elegance

Concours d’Elegance

by | Jul 26, 1989

Look  that  up  in your  “Funk  and Wagnalls.” Well we did and it isn’t in there. No concours. So, we tried our “Britannica World Language Dictionary.” There, we fared a bit better – concours (kon-koor’)n. French 1. Con­ course; meeting. 2. Competition; com­ petitive examination. Elegance translates from French as smart or chic. So, we  have  a  chic  competition,  a  car show. Our annual BMW car show and competition. So polish up your pride and joy, dust off the engine and come on out to Chateau Ste. Michelle Win­ery in Woodinville, Saturday July 1st, beginning around 9:30 am. Yes, that’s Saturday this year. You can enter your Bimmer in the concours, then go out and have a great time getting it dirty in the driving events.

This is a free BMW ACA event for the entire family. You can enter your BMW in the concours, check out the competition and vote for your favorite BMW. You can enjoy a picnic, stroll around the beautiful grounds of Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery and tour the winery facilities.

Chateau Ste. Michelle’s license allows only the consumption of wine pur­ chased there. Ste. Michelle wine may be purchased in the retail shop located in the winery. No alcoholic beverages may be brought  onto the premises.

Driving Directions:

From Interstate 405, take the N.E. 124th St. exit at Totem Lake and drive east. Follow 124th St. down into the Sammammish Valley (watch for hot air balloons) to the Woodinville Red­ mond Road, turn left. Drive north toward Woodinville. At the Hollywood School House four-way stop turn left onto N.E. 145th St. Chateau Ste. Michelle is just past the bridge on the left. Continue past the main entrance of the winery and keep left. As you start up the hill on 145th, turn left onto a small, tree lined lane. Watch for the concours area in a grassy field on your left after you pass the Carriage House.

We plan to continue the past practice of five judged classes -early 4 cylinder cars (1500, 1600, 2002, etc.); 320i’s; late model 3 series (318i, 325 etc.); early 6 cylinder cars; and newer 6 cylinder cars (5, 6, and 7 series).

The maximum points available are as follows:

Passenger compartment         160 points
Trunk                                         80

Body                                         40
Paint                                         50
Surface preparation                 20
Problem areas                         170
rocker panels, glass,
bumpers  etc.

Engine Compartment
Head and block                       25
Electrical components             15
Brake and steering                 15
Cooling system                       25
Firewall, fenders and
hood                                   25


Bonus Points:
One point per year, plus 1 point for every 5,000 miles.

Points will be deducted for dirt, damage, missing parts and visible wear. The judges will look for depth of shine and definition (mirror like reflection). The engine compartment will be checked for grease, dirt and corrosion. The judges will check the interior and trunk. Please remove seat covers, sheepskins, etc. before the hands-off whistle.

An enjoyable task in preparing for the Concours is polishing up that beauty you are so proud of. Some tips from the experts at Meguiar’s makers of Mirror Glaze® products:

  1. Your car’s paint must be clean, so first wash the car and dry with a 100% cotton terrycloth If you are unsure of the material in the hemmed edging cut it off. Polyester will scratch your paint.
  2. Modern polyurethane and poly­ ester paints may need different pro­ ducts than earlier lacquer, enamel and acrylic
  3. Do not use a wool machine buffer on dark Buffer swirls will most likely result. Meguiar’s markets a fiber­ free foam buffer pad for use on low speed (1000 RPM) buffers.

Concours registration will be from 9:30 am to 11:00 am. After 11:00 am no cleaning will be allowed. The judging will begin at 11:30 am. About two to three hours later, award winners will be announced in the following categories:

Class Winners – The top two or three cars with the highest point accumulation in each class.

Best of Show -the car accumulat­ing the most points, regardless of class.

Entrant’s Choice -the car voted to be the favorite by fellow entrants in the concours.

Spectator’s Choice -the car voted to be the favorite by spectators attending the concours.

Plan on entering your BMW in the annual concours and enjoy a display of fine automobiles in a beautiful setting. We will see you on Saturday, July 1st.

This article was originally published in the July 1989 edition of Zundfolge