Driving Events


Driving Events

The Puget Sound Region Chapter offers a wide variety of driving events.

  • Driving Schools
    • High Performance Driving Events
    • Car Control Clinics
  • Driving Tours
  • TSD Rallys

Driving Schools

The schools are designed not as race driver training, but as an avenue to learn how to become better, safer drivers. Drivers learning the limits of their car and their driving abilities, in a safe and controlled environment are our schools purpose. We take great pride in creating a program that is valuable to all levels and types of drivers, from those that are interested in just learning more advanced driving skills to our members whose goals are to join the club’s summer High-Performance Driving Schools. Learn More

Car Control Clinic – CCC

Attending a Car Control Clinic (CCC) is a prerequisite to attending a High-Performance Driving School, This is an interim step as you build your skill level.

It begins with a series of drill stations. Each station is designed to focus on a specific car control skill, offering students the opportunity to gain practical skills which they can immediately transfer to their every day driving. Stations include slalom, braking, skid pad, and a handling oval. Instructors will ride with students and coach them at each drill station. Drivers will learn the limits of their car and how to keep their car within those limits.

During the afternoon, drivers will have the opportunity to be exposed to the road racing track surface at Pacific Raceways.

The objective of the school is to make the student a safer and more confident driver. The driver will have a blast and have a whole new appreciation for their BMW! If you have ever been curious why they call these ‘The Ultimate Driving Machines’–spend a day with us and find out what German Engineering is all about!

High-Performance Driving Education – HPDE

Our High-Performance Driving Education is designed as a way for drivers to continue their skill building. The intent behind these events is to offer further driver-skills education. These events are skill-building days to enhance the car control training. A drivers learning does not stop with the first school, but rather accumulates over time with each additional event attended. As with all our schools, these events are fully staffed with an ensemble of instructors available for our drivers all day – you cannot beat that! We are fortunate to have a consistent, dedicated group of instructors that donate their time all year so drivers can pick their favorites and learn from them all year.

Drivers who have not driven Pacific Raceways should not miss this opportunity. Pacific Raceways is very challenging and exciting to drive. The track offers driving variety, from elevation change, to hairpin turns, to a challenging chicane.

Driving Tours

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TSD Rallys

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