Driving Schools

Driving Schools

Welcome to one of the best driving events in the Northwest! Our club has a proven program that continues to exceed our member’s expectations. Our events are well known as being great events that are well structured, safe, and fun.


The Puget Sound Region chapter has provided High Performance Driving events at Pacific Raceway and
other tracks for more than 40 years. We have a very good safety record and an experienced corps of
experienced volunteer Instructors. Track events have long been a part of the Club experience; so much
so that track driving is really part of the Club’s DNA.

Our Why

For members, these events provide the rare opportunity to drive your BMW in a manner that simply
isn’t possible under normal circumstances. Driving your BMW on a racetrack, with expert supervision
and in a safe manner is simply an opportunity not to be missed. Yes, we drive fast and it will be a thrill
for you. But you won’t be pushed and you really will have the time of your life. Why did you buy your
BMW? It is, after all, the Ultimate Driving Machine.


To make high performance driving safe, fun and accessible to all Club members.

  1. Safety—first and foremost, we strive to keep our members safe.
  2. Fun—we strive to make high performance driving in our BMWs fun.
  3. Educational—our track events are schools and have an emphasis on learning.
  4. Welcoming—we want our track events to be friendly and to be welcoming all our members.
  5. Approachable—we strive to make our track events approachable and to minimize obstacles that
    might discourage participation.
  6. Inclusive—our track events are open to Club members of all skill levels and with every type of BMW
    automobile. (We also accept non-BMWs at our events.)

Distinguishing Characteristics of our High Performance Program

  1. We are not a racing school.
  2. We are not a lapping program.
  3. We stress having fun and providing a great experience for our participants.
  4. We stress learning and constant improvement of skill levels.
  5. We do not give blanket sign-offs for members to drive solo.
  6. We have more run groups (four), allowing us to more closely match drivers and cars in run groups, to
    provide a safer environment.
  7. We encourage Club members who gain higher level skills to become Instructors and give back to the
  8. We share enthusiasm for BMW automobiles.
  9. We are not profit motivated and all Instructors and administrators are volunteers.

The Steps

  1. Car Control Clinic (CCC).
  2. High Performance Driving Education (HPDE).
  3. Racing.

Everyone who owns a BMW ought to do a Car Control Clinic. For many, but not all, a High Performance
Driving Event will be appealing and fun. Racing is only for a few, but for those, we can help you get into
the sport. The Club does not hold racing events.

Car Control Clinic (CCC)


  1. No special equipment required (no helmets).
  2. No tech inspection required.
  3. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  4. You do not need to be a BMW CCA member.


Each exercise is designed to focus on a specific car control skill. Participants will be coached at the
beginning and end of each run, providing useful feedback. Participants will learn to engage the ABS
system and improve their skills in controlling their vehicle. The exercises are:

  1. Emergency braking.
  2. Emergency braking on a curve.
  3. Slalom.
  4. Wet skid pad.
  5. Autocross (a small course defined by cones).

All activities take place on a flat paved area with instruction provided.
We run in all weather conditions.


Arrive early so you have time to get yourself acclimated. You need to empty all loose items from your
car. If there is a chance of rain, bring plastic bags or bins for the items you remove from your car.

8:00 Drivers’ Meeting—the day’s activities will be discussed.
9:00-1:00 The exercises described above will be run with each participant getting multiple runs
through each exercise.
Lunch Break During the lunch break (sometime mid-day), participants will get a chance to do slow-
speed parade laps of the race track. There are no helmets required and speeds are moderate.
2:00 (approx.) Participants will get an opportunity to get a helmet and take a ride with Instructors on
the track at high speed. This is an optional activity.

High Performance Driving Education (HPDE)


  1. Drivers must have completed a Car Control Clinic or the equivalent.
  2. Car must have a tech inspection to ensure it is safe.
  3. All participants must wear a Snell-rated (2010 or newer) helmet.
  4. All novices will have an Instructor in the right seat at all times.
  5. Event organizers will place drivers in the most appropriate run group based on their experience and
    skill level.
  6. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in a HPDE event.
  7. You must be a BMW CCA member.


  1. High speed driving on a racetrack under controlled conditions.
  2. Continuous instruction and education.

All activities take place on a road racing track.
We run in all weather conditions.


Arrive early so you have time to get yourself acclimated. You need to empty all loose items from your
car. If there is a chance of rain, bring plastic bags or bins for the items you remove from your car.

8:20 Mandatory Drivers’ Meeting
9:00 Track Opens—Run Group Schedule Changes with Each Event
4:00 Track Shuts Down


  1. Racing is not part of Club offerings.
  2. We can help you move into racing if HPDEs aren’t thrilling enough for you.
  3. PRO3 and other classes of amateur racing are available and many members participate.

Vehicle Prep and Gear

Preparation for Track

  1. Wash and vacuum car.
  2. Pump up tires.
  3. Clean out all loose stuff from trunk and interior.
  4. Fill gas tank.

Gear to bring

Here are some things to bring with you during our driving school events

  1. Helmet.
  2. Coat (dress in layers—you’ll be outside).
  3. Gloves (optional).
  4. Ball cap (if you want to cover your helmet hair).
  5. Ice chest and drinks.
  6. Tech form.
  7. Garbage bags to cover your possessions in case of rain.
  8. Tire gauge (optional).
  9. Torque wrench (optional).
  10. Camping chair (optional).


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