Motorsports – Q4 2018

Motorsports – Q4 2018

by | Nov 10, 2018

By the time you all read this article, we will have completed the 2018 Track program, sadly. Yet, it has been a very successful year indeed! Here are some highlights.

Total number of trained drivers through the Car Control Clinics was 83, a new high for the program. Each driver was given a new set of skills in the tool box to tackle daily driving here in the great Northwest. Jeff Butler continues to deliver a program that is staffed with very competent volunteers and instructors who take the time to show drivers just what their BMW (and other cars) can do in an controlled environment. So many drivers come back and say “the accident avoidance exercised saved my life on 405 this past week.” We are not making this up; we get testimonials all of the time and that is exactly what we want. This past year, four instructor candidates were helping Jeff and the crew by honing their ability to teach drivers. Look for this program to continue and flourish. If you were a volunteer for the Car Control Clinic, out there chasing cones and helping set up the courses, thank you very much! And, we could not do this without dedicated instructors.

The total number of drivers attending the High Performance Driving Education program was over 223! Obviously, this number of drivers could not be accommodated without the dedicated corps of instructors. We are truly fortunate to have a very professional, competent, and ultra-dedicated group of instructors whose mission is to pass onto to new or seasoned drivers what they are most passionate about: driving! Do not forget the “Education” part of HPDE; we are serious. We have no intention of turning drivers loose on the track alone and hoping for the best. We are here to push you to new limits so that you will acquire new skills. The honor of wearing the Yellow Shirt was bestowed on six new instructors this year: Karl Freese, Eric Graham, Greg Hedgpeth, David Orem, Nicolas Hostein, and Martin Wald. Congratulations to you all and we will be putting you to work!

We all owe a great deal of gratitude to Dana Lantz, our registrar. She keeps all of the cats herded right up to the night before a track day. If you see her on the paddock, stop and say thank you! To all the instructors who donated their time this past year, thank you very much. We know that you all do this for more than just a free lunch!

We have dates for Pacific Raceway now for 2019:

May 17,
June 7,
July 12,
August 23

We are working on getting a day for the Ridge. Now, how about this: what about doing a two-day event at Oregon Raceway Park ( in either April or October? We are finalizing the organization of this now. That will be a total of six days of driving for 2019; are you ready!

See you on the track,

Steve Libby
Senior Instructor
Driving Events Coordinator