Phil Smart Inc. General Meeting

Phil Smart Inc. General Meeting

by | Jun 7, 1987

It is June again, which means that Phil Smart and his staff have invited our members to use their wonderful facility for our monthly general meet­ ing, Thursday the 25th. This is becom­ ing quite a club tradition, as Phil Smart Inc. has hosted the June meet­ ing for many years. They have always put on a great event, and this year promises to be no exception. The eve­ ning’s program, after the usual club business, will consist of several items of interest. First we will hear more from your host Phil Smart Jr. about the dealership splitting into separate BMW and Mercedes facilities. Two completely separate operations will result, including different buildings. This is something the Phil Smart peo­ ple are very excited about and they are eager to share their plans for the future with us. The new BMW of Seattle facil­ ity will still be under construction at the time of the meeting, so don’t be too disappointed if it is not ready for a guided .tour. Next on the program, in either the showroom or the customer lounge, we will have a chance to view some new and exciting BMW videos. The titles of these films are not availa­ ble at the time of writing this article, but we are sure you will find them fascinating.

For those of you who just want to stand and stare at cars, we have some­ thing really special for you this year. If you have never seen an Ml up close and personal, this is your chance. Phil Smart recently acquired one of these Bavarian wondercars, and it will be on display. As if that were not enough, race schedule permitting, the M3 entered in the Olympus Rallye will also be there.

The meeting will also be a chance for you to get well fed as the usual excel­ lent refreshments will be on hand.

Last, and certainly not least, back by popular demand will be Phil Smart Sr. So this meeting will be a chance to get to know again the really interesting man, good friend of the club, not to mention an all around nice guy.

The staff of Phil Smart Inc. are well known for putting on strictly first-class events, and this will be equally enjoy­ able. Plan on joining us for a evening of friends and BMW’s.The time is 7:30 p.m., the location – 600 E. Pike in downtown Seattle

This article was originally published in the June 1987 edition of Zundfolge