President’s Column – Q1 2018

President’s Column – Q1 2018

by | Jan 9, 2018

Greetings Puget Sound Chapter BMW CCA citizens and Happy New Year! Yes, I am back as chapter President and ready to get to work. It is a position that is important to the club as it sets tone and direction. As many of you have noticed, the website has undergone a couple of iterations. However, under the steady hand of Evan Kohout-our Webmaster, the website is now functional and much improved. You will also have noticed the Club Facebook page that is managed by Christian Bouchez, our photograph and Instagram manager. Are you getting the hint that we want to the Club to much more electronic. That is to say we do not want to solely rely on the printed Zündfolge as a method to disseminate current and upcoming events.

I encourage you to sign up for the Club Facebook page. There, you will be able to ask questions, post events-items that you find interesting, and check to see what upcoming events are occurring. We understand that not all of you want to have a Facebook account. So, we will be using the Around The Sound to send emails to you with pertinent information. However, this requires that you make sure we have the email address to which the ATS will be sent. This can only be updated through, and then accessing your account to make the changes. Also, if you have an Instagram account, follow the club via Christian Bouchez’s really amazing photography. With all of the doom and gloom in today’s news, looking at really cool photographs of cars, especially BMWs, is a welcome relief.

“All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.” (John Stuart Mills On Liberty 1859). In this issue of the Zündfolge, we have an original article by Andy Wiest, a member who I asked to write about his track experience. We have Evan Kohout, our Webmaster, making some innovative changes to the website. Christian Bouchez contributes original photographs to Instagram and to the website. Are you getting the trend? I want you to send us articles about your experiences in the club. They can be road trips, car repairs, car modifications; all manner of things BMW will be welcome. I would like you to help out with our events. It takes a village to make all this work.

I would like to thank our Past President, Ed Walker, for his leadership last year and Vice President Cheuk-Hung Ng with membership organization. Not only was he the President, but he also directed the tours program. He might have stepped away from the helm, but he will still be an active member. Thank you Ed!

So, start thinking about the 2018 BMW season. We have a good lineup of events planned for year. Contact me at for comments, suggestions, and questions.

See you out there,

Steve Libby, President, Puget Sound Chapter BMW CCA

Senior Instructor, Driving Events Coordinator