President’s Column Q2 2021: Where Do We Go From Here?

President’s Column Q2 2021: Where Do We Go From Here?

Mar 23, 2021

In my last column I encouraged us (and myself!) to look forward to a brighter new year, and I am pleased to announce that we are moving in that direction.

Track Days with High Performance Driving Events (HPDEs) and Car Control Clinics (CCCs) are scheduled. A full schedule of our regular tours is also set up. But, of course, if you are regularly receiving our Around the Sound (ATS) emails, you would know this. If you are not receiving our ATSs, please email our new Membership Coordinator, Archie Ferguson, at, and he will ensure you are on the list. Of note, we know our website updates are lagging, so ATSs will be a primary means of communication for a bit as we transition to an entirely new, modernized website. I will tell you more when I have more details, but I’ve seen a mockup of the webpage design at our first board meeting in January and it is cool. I shared my thoughts on a vision and strategy for 2021 with your board, and they graciously agreed to adopt it as our plan going forward. The key elements are below for your review. I look forward to doing everything I can to feed your BMW passion in 2021.

BMW CCA Puget Sound Region 2021 Vision Statement
The Club will support and promote the diverse interests of the membership in the various facets of ownership of the Ultimate Driving Machine. We exist to maximize the joy members experience with their BMWs and to promote the friendships and camaraderie that experience brings.

BMW CCA Puget Sound Region 2021 Strategy
Our Membership is diverse and the Club engages in activities to support the Vision across six primary member interest areas. These areas are most of the value Club membership provides:
1. Track Program (CCC and HPDE)
2. Tour Program
3. Social Events Program
4. Technical Events Program
5. Special Interest Groups—E30 Picnic, M Car events, etc.
6.Information and Entertainment

The 2021 Zündfolge, website, and social media strategy for the Club will be to broaden our appeal to more of our membership and encourage new membership by revitalizing and formalizing our Special Interest Group (SIG) Program, and improving our Information and Entertainment segment, while ensuring we continue to sustain the programs that are already healthy. If you have thoughts or comments on this vision and strategy (or want to volunteer your time to head up a SIG!), feel free to contact me at president@ I would love to hear from you.

mit besten grüßen!
Andy Wiest

P.S. It looks like the E30 Picnic may be on for this year. More to follow.