Presidents Column Q3 – 2019

Presidents Column Q3 – 2019

by | Aug 29, 2019

It is official, driving season is now in sixth gear! We have had three tours, two track days, and two tech events by the time this issue of Zündfolge is in your hands! We are fortunate to have three members, Greg Smith, Ed Walker and Phil Sanders, who are very motivated to put on a great tour program for you all. Remember, these tours do not just happen spontaneously, but take some serious reconnaissance and predriving the routes for the tour to be successful.

We are but one year away from the club being 50 years old in 2020. We are planning on a celebration of the club’s anniversary next year and want to honor those of you all who were around in the beginning. This will be one of many requests for original members to contact me. Also, if you have memorabilia for those days of any kind, please let me know. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, start digging around in the old boxes!

“The best way to a great idea is to have a lot of ideas.” That’s from Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Laurate. Why do I quote him; because I would like to have your ideas on how the Club might look at for the next 50 years. Maybe will have Roundels on hovering transports, who knows? Let’s start thinking about it.

In the near term, we need your help. We have an opening for an assistant webmaster. As you can tell, we communicate mostly electronically and have brought back the website from near death. This takes come work and we are all volunteers. If you are interested, contact me. There will be a notification of the entire job description posted to the website shortly.

Finally, I would like to thank the volunteers how have worked to make the club as it today, a vibrant driving program, a very functional website, and a nationally recognized publication, the Zundfolge.

See you on the road,
Steve Libby