President’s Column – Q4 2021

President’s Column – Q4 2021

Sep 26, 2021

I see a lot of “Help Wanted” signs in the local area, so I figured I’d put one up here. While I am excited about the Club being likely to execute all of our normal events next year, I actually see opportunity to expand to new events with new Special Interest Groups. How cool would a Z Car Day, and an X Car Day, or an i Car Day be? But there’s a problem: your board is a small group of volunteers. And the board actually has some gaps in key positions right now. We also have long-serving people in some posts who deserve a break. We need new and frankly younger people on the board to chair new initiatives and provide diverse perspectives on our regular policies and programs. The truth is, we can all have good ideas, but without passionate people from within the Club volunteering to lead, those few of us old-timers on the board simply can’t make it all happen. We could use some help with the following:

Website Content and Administration Experts
Running our website and email lists takes effort and key skill support to accomplish securely and in a timely manner. Our small team could certainly use some help and I bet there are a few Club members in the Puget Sound who have those skill sets.

Are you good at filming and editing videos? Got drone skills? We would like more video content covering our events on the chapter website. If you are a professional who is also a Club member, this could certainly add to your resume.

Event Chairs
Is a board position too much of a commitment? How about running one event? We’ll help you, but we need people to chair events for the chapter.

Social Events
Not all of our events involve cars. Could you organize an event around something you are passionate about? A little bit of work but a lot of fun. And the Club can help cover costs and provide insurance coverage, if needed. Special Interest Group (SIG) Leaders Are you an (insert favorite BMW body code here) fan? Why not be the point-of-contact for all like-minded folks within the Club for events and other things for fans of that type of BMW? What other SIGs can you think of?

As we move toward 2021, consider leading something cool next year for the Club. Or assess if you have some spare time to serve in a board position. If you would like to observe a board meeting, that is always open to any member. Right now, it’s easy because we do them via Zoom. Send me an email at if you want an invite to your Club’s next board meeting. If you have a skill and want to get more involved—increase your BMWness—contact me directly at president I want to talk to you about what you can add. I think you’ll find, as I have, that we come for the cars but stay for the people we meet. Club involvement is very rewarding.

mit besten grüßen!
Andy Wiest