The New 5 and 325ix Front and Center At BMW Seattle

The New 5 and 325ix Front and Center At BMW Seattle

by | Apr 18, 1989

BMW Seattle will be hosting our April General Meeting on the 27th at 7:30 P.M. The meeting will provide club members with a chance to get an “up close and personal” view of two of BMW’s most interesting cars: the all­ new 5-series and the 325ix. While most of us are aware of these cars, don’t miss this great opportunity for a special look at the cars courtesy of our friends at BMW Seattle.

We’d like to see a lot of people there. lt will be a chance for those who haven’t come to an event before to find out what the club is all about; we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The hospitality is wonderful and the pro­gram will be informative and in­teresting.

In case you need further incentive to join the fun, BMW Seattle is generously offering special pricing in their parts department during our visit. So plan to take advantage of this great offer.

The focus of attention will be on the two  cars  mentioned  earlier.  The  5 series is all new -it’s a shorter car but with  a longer wheelbase, which enhances interior space. Just as important,  power  is  up  significantly:  to 208bhp from 182bhp in the old model. The 325ix is a different cat entirely.

The car has full-time four wheel drive system. Introduced in 1988, the car has had some significant changes for this model year. There is now a manual sunroof, the trip computer is less comprehensive, and the leather interior has been sent to pasture in favor of cloth. The result is a car that is thousands cheaper than last year’s car, while not changing the hardware that made last year’s car so interesting. Also certain to appeal is the introduction of a four­ door model and the newly available automatic transmission.

We look forward to BMW Seattle’s presentation of these models to us. Phil Smart Sr. and his staff wo uld like nothing better than a full house, so mark your calendar for the 27th of April!

This article was originally published in the April 1989 edition of Zundfolge