Track Events 1989

Track Events 1989

by | Apr 18, 1989

Th is yea r we are  planning on running two Driving Schools. The  fi rst one w i l l be on .J u l y 3rd. Th is will be t he first  t rack  event  of t he year.  Du e to increasing lack of partipiration in our Driving Schools, t h is first school will be for all levels of d rivers. We will tai­lor t he i nst ruct ion to match t he level of exrericnce of t he students. Th is means t hat no matter what you r level of driv­ing sk i ll will receive instruct ion to match your ability.

To accomplis h this, it will be neces­sary to register well i n advance of t he school date so  t hat we can plan t he structure of our school to suit the stu­ dents that will be takin g part. If there is demand for it we will have a special women’s group i n t he school. This will be run by Lucetta Lightfoot. I f any women are interested in this please contact  Lucett a at 282-2641.

The second Driving School is still in limbo. Whet her we run one or not will depend on turnout for the first school and on demand for a second school. Call or write me and let me k now if you wa nt to have a second school or not. M y n umber is 854-1986, my address is 9613 S. 240,  Kent, W A  98031.  We could run another Pro-School if that is what you want. If t here isn’t enough response there will not be a second school. Instead we will have an open t rack day.

There are two open track events scheduled for t he sum mer. The dates are the 26th  of July, and the 30th of August. If there is good turnout at these events I will see if more can be scheduled.

A few people have expressed to me their desire to have a track  event  held d u ring the foul weather months in the hopes of having a nice wet track on which to practice their car control on. There are those also who would like to have a session of just skid pad  use. That is something that  I would  like to d o  myself,  perhaps   at   Monroe.   We could have t he skid pad on the figure 8 track and maybe run other drills on t he oval  track . Again,  i f you’re interested in one  of  these events  please  let  me know. If I have enough interest in run­ning an event I will do so.

You may have not iced that we have fewer events scheduled this yea r than in yea rs past. This is due to two factors. First, the declining participation of club members in these events. We used to fill our Driving Schools easily; not any m ore. And second , the ever-increasing cost continues to rise each year.

We hope to get a larger number of people at each event by running fewer of them. So come on out and give driving school a try. You’ll learn a lot, and have a good time besides. Our event schedule follows:

-Paul Touby

Added Track Notes

The  W Alfa Romeo Club has invited the members of the BMW ACA to par­ ticipate i n N W ARC 1989 Grand Prix Motors/ Alfa of Tacoma Drivers Train­ ing at SIR on April 29. This is not a full blown driving school like the  BMW Clu b runs, but rather a quick introd uc­ tion to t he course at SIR. There will be i nst ructors from the Alfa  club present to  teach  the  first-ti me  t rack  d river  to d rive the track safely. For experienced drivers this will be pretty much  an open track session. Costs  of  the clinic are $60/ car ($45 if you preregister, non refu nd able). The number of cars is limited .  First  come,  first  served.  Last

year’s event was a sellout. Preregistra­ tions must be postmarked by April 20. The Alfa Club requires that you and you r passengers have a helmet with a rating of Snell 75 or newer. For more information and registration form you can  contact  the  BM W  ACA  Track Ch airman , or you can contact:

Steve Moe, Chairman Competition Committee; 16080 266th SE; lssaquah, W A 98027; 206 / 392-9569.

-Paul Touby

This article was originally published in the April 1989 edition of Zundfolge